Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rants & Facts. Deal w/ it.

-Just because you see me tweeting doesn't mean I'm not working. 
[I am however probably missing face]

 -Just because I'm not on set getting fucked doesn't mean I'm not working.
[I'm probably on my way home from getting fucked/beat or trying to get my own personal errands done.]

-When I say I'm done working for the day that's not the time to approach me about what you want me to do for you.
[That includes you too Bootz!]

 -I realize you want to hang out but if I say I have stuff to do I really do, so don't guilt me.
[Like cleaning my dirty ass apartment.......]
[...and recovering from getting caned]

 -If you ask me to go somewhere with you and I say I don't want to, that doesn't mean I don't like you, it just means I don't feel like it today.

[And that I probably have to clean my bath tub because soooomeone decided to furr it up]

 -If I don't like you, trust me you will know.

[I don't make this face at people I don't like ;) ]

 -I'm a hermit. I like to be at home. I don't like to go places that I can't smoke. So, if you invite me to your birthday party at some "I'm so LA I think I'm too cool for school" Bad Girls Clubesque night club, I'm probably not gunna go. This doesn't mean I don't love you.
[Bootz however loves those kinds of clubs]

 -If you're really my friend you wont guilt me.
[Real friends let you enjoy your "me time"]

 -Huummmm, what else do I want to complain about???
[Do you see that mess?? That means I'm busy]

-I guess I had to get that off my chest. I know this is prolly TMI but I'm wicked PMSing and my wisdom teeth are coming in forreal this time and I'm in constant pain. 
[Actually, we're at 2 days]

 -My sink is overflowing with dirty dishes, my laundry is super backed up, I haven't had time to do my accounting stuff, my whole apt looks like that fat dude's from the movie "Seven", I still haven't had time to go to the dentist or go shopping for new shoot clothes.
[But here I am (even tho I was a cunt when I got there) early to set for my sex toy shoot]

 -Don't give me shit about smoking weed. Mind your fucking business.
[Trust me, when I'm PMSing, you'll like me better if I'm green]

-Don't tell me what to do.

 -As open as I am about my life.... There's a lot about me you'll never know.
[If I told everyone everything, how would someone I think is special know how special they are to me?]

 -If one more Jamaican man makes me cry I'm sending my crew in.
[Don't fuck w/ us we roll 6 deep: Bootz, Franklin, Fozzie, Dee & Pee & my muthfuckin spanish robot!]

 -I post a lot of naked pics. I do porn. I'm a professional. Please don't tell me how to pose.
[When it's free, it's what I WANT]

 -Want me to do something for you for free?? It's when I want. Want me to do something for you for free when you want??? You better have someone I'm really close to calling in a favor or give me some money. Otherwise it happens when I have time to make it happen.
[Nothing personal. Just truth]

-Stop telling me I lost too much weight. I can't help how my body does shit. I eat McDonalds on the regular. I can't help my weight.
[I still got booty so donnnnnn hate]

-I complain a lot. I know.
[So sue me]

 -Bootz does what she wants too.

-At the end of the day the only thing that matters is that I feel happy and that Bootz does too. 
[Everything else comes second. I love my Goddess]

-Maybe if I didn't spend so much time tweeting pictures of my naked ass I'd get more shit done.
[Time Management : Fail = I'm about it sometimes. I'm far from perfect.]

-Taaa-daaaa. TIME FOR WORK!
[End Scene]


  1. "I think that the sub-text is rapidly becoming... the text" Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  2. >>"... lost too much weight..."

    Pffftt! I think you've reached the sweet spot.

  3. you pussy is soooooo cute............and your fanny (im Irish so im not talking about your ass, by the way its damn fine as well) is so fine

  4. Damn stoney. Remind me not to attempt to reach you during that week. Jaja. :p