Tuesday, May 31, 2011

PiX& ViD: A lotta pussy, Alexis Texas & I are Latin, Appearance DATES!

Bootz giving that Blue Steel!
 Some porn girls do this "blue steel" looking face. lol It's so funny. 
Lip pushed together in that kiss face, but only half their face is working..
Eyes tryin' to be sexy squinty, but really you lookin' like Sloth from Goonies..
Bitches be thinkin' they look hot but really they look like they had a stroke. 

Haaa, haaa. 
And they eye looks all lazy too!!
Haaa, haaa.

Back from feature dancing. 
Legs lookin' like I was at the Misery cabin..
 Here I am on set. Waiting to get into make-up. 
I was shooting for Blue Bird and their follow-up to Batman!
 In make-up! Getting my hair did!
 Outta Make-Up & Wardrobe. 
I was a security bodyguard chick!
 Here's a pic of our set for the day!
 I hate wearing all these clothes when I'm on set. 
I always try to stay naked (or close to) and in my robe or flannel as much as possible!
 One thing I like about working for Blue Bird is that they FEED you!
Especially since I'm usually stuck there all day. 
 It was soooooo nice out this day!
Super HOT!
So I threw my bikini on..
 Took some twitpics..
 And called up my bestie Alexis Texas and we went to the beach!!!
 I'm a really great photographer and Alexis and I have really great butts.
 Buttwoman & Slutwoman

I had a really fun day at the beach with my wifey!
 Checking out the status of my tan. 
 Alexis and I plan to get super tan this summer. 
We on a mission to prove we're LATIN!

Yup, Alexis Texas is not just a white chick. You think that booty came from whiteness?? 
Nah, boo. Alexis is also Puerto Rican. 
I bet a lot of you didn't know all that. 
And I am NOT Asian. 
I know I'm prolly breaking hearts right now, 
But it's true!
I'm a Mexican/Spanish/Whitey.

 Anyways.. Here I am naked and home from a fun day with tha bestie!
 And I was super excited because I saw my Valentine and he gave me this cool bookmark he got me at the book fair at his school. 
So cute! (*^_^*)
 Morning TIT!
(don't you wish you were that lucky) ;P
 Lets play a game..
Find my butt..
 Summer is just about here and that means just one things for all porno chix!
Bikini time. Time to TAN!
 I don't really tan. I'm not into that shit. 
I don't mind being pale during the winter. 
I kinda like it. 

This is the new book I'm reading. 
 One of my amazing kreepers sent it to me from my wish list
It's really awesome!
A MUST read! 
It's totally enlightening! 

New Pipe.
 for *FREE* my weed store luvs me!
But I lost it :(

Kiss my lips!
 Outta make-up and on set shooting for Belladonna's Party of Feet 3!
 Here's a shot of me in my super cool masquerade mask!
 ContentWh0re, pretending to do something, but really he should be shooting some BTS or something..
 Hoes & Toes
 And again..
 Cuntz and Toes..
 I had sex with those ladies back there..
 And that one over there..
 And all those ladies over there.. except for Cammy. ;P 
 This is where we had sex..
If you'd like to see what we did, you can view the trailer HERE!

 I wake up to this bitch giving me the stank eye every morning. 
 Woke up with my shirt like dis..

Naked and excited for my day!
Good Mornings with KR.
 Booty and a feature dancing bruisey. 
 Walking in the alley. Time for Coffee!
 Cleaning booty!
Whenever I get kinda down or way too busy my house turns into a cluttered mess!
Once  I have time or get outta my funk it's back to organize, organize city!

ThEN I show everyone my butt! ;P 
 DR.0CTAG0N & morning B00tY
Later I met up with my friend DiMaggggg and we had lunch and caught up!
 I love my friend DiMagggg. 
We been homies for a min and he always listens to me complain about shit and he never tries to touch my butt.
He just likes to be my friend..Or his pick up plan is a long term thing. Haa!
He's the person I call when I'm happy, sad, annoyed, whatever..
Basically, he's my boyfriend without any of the benefits. 

That's a REAL friend. 

Most of the time..
 Picking my nose. Drinking my coffee. Hundreds SWAG
 I had a good night. 
 Getting ready to head to set! 
 I was going to be breaking in a new girl for Joanna Angel!
 Off to set!
 My new boyfriend. 
 Outta make-up! Waiting to get that pooooooon!
 Here I am with the amazing and beautiful, smart and talented, uber sexy and has saved my ass more than once..
 Joanna is an amazing woman. She's smart, beautiful and talented and just a good person.
I always feel forever in debt to Joanna.
She's been a good friend to me. 

 Home from set and so happy I got laid..
I fuck girls coz boys are LAME.

Coach got me on this BOSSY shit. 
I leave myself reminders!
Kinda like "The Realness" but with my pussy and wet and less violence..

 Ready for my day..FU.
 And actually..
Thats my Q!

I have two appearance dates in July!!

I just found out I will be at EXXXOTICA Chicago!!
I'll be repping for Elegant Angel!!
JULY 8-10
For more details/info please visit their website: Exxxotica Expo Chicago

Also in JULY I'll be Feature Dancing at The Oasis in Philly!
JULY 14-15-16
For more information/details please visit their website: The Oasis

And more dates coming sooon!