Monday, March 14, 2011

TWENTY ?'s w/ KR

Twenty Questions w/ Kristina

?ONE: @sagg21: When you were growing up, what did you want to do?

I never knew what I wanted to be when I was growing up. I remember this being a big dilemma for me when I was younger. I remember the 1st time I was asked what I wanted to be when I "grow up" and I remember all the other kids in 1st grade all had answers: Actress, Fireman, Veterinarian, Cowboy, Nurse...
Even my younger brother knew what he wanted to be: Chinese Bus Driver. 
I struggled with this question all through school and even after. It used to cause me a lot of stress. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. That's kinda how I ended up in porn. I figured porn would buy me a little more time.  

?TWO: @onlymeagain: Do you Worry about your butt? Seriously!

Actually, yes I do from time to time. My mother is convinced I'm gunna be wearing a diaper by the time I'm 30 & I've had my moments where I've thought the same thing. A lot of girls in porn start to have problems with their stomaches or leakage after they start doing a lot of anal on camera. All us anal girls love to talk about our "sharting" incidences. My favorite story is when I coughed after a bong rip and thar she blooooows! ;P 

?THREE: @dukenuk12: What's your favorite ride at Disneyland?

The Small World ride is my favorite. 

?FOUR: @kjf80: Ok question, What are your rules about meeting fans outside of your porn shoots & having sex with them?

I get this question a lot. The only time I meet fans is at signings or accidental sightings. I definitely have never gone out of my way to meet a "fan" & I've never had sex with a fan either. My momma always told me not to talk to strangers. Think about it, even if you're a fan, I still don't know you and you could be some crazy psycho killer that wants to make a Dirty Girl jumpsuit outta my skin and poop in my mouth after I'm dead.  Besides, I know a lot of girls that have tried to be nice and meet up with a few special fans and they always end up getting creepy. 

?FiVE: @DustDevil65: ...5 things you want to accomplish before you die?

1. Travel to all the countries I've always wanted to visit. 
2. Learn the "Thriller" dance.
3. Figure out what my dream job is & do it.
4. Finish organizing my office.
5. Buy my dream house. 
?SiX: @AlistairKookie: Ok Question: What is your main source of inspiration(s) when you are doing your watercolor paintings?
I always paint from an image. I like to paint portraits usually. I like to paint people I find interesting, looks wise and/ persona.  
?SEVEN: @osclix When you are feeling low or Fragile, Who? Where? or What can cheer u up?
When I'm feeling down I usually talk to one of two people: DiMaggg or Cake. Also, I usually only want to eat McDonalds (it's my comfort food). I make what I call my "island" and stay there until the coast is clear!  
?EiGHT: @DaPeepsChampion: When your friends call you by your real name, does it seem weird???
Not really. Most people, even in my personal life all call me Kristina (or some variation of that).  Very few people call me by my real name. I'm really weird about my real name. The rule is:
The only people that are allowed to call me by my real name are my FAMILY and PEOPLE I'M SUPER CLOSE TO.
I know if you guys all really wanted to find out my real name you probably could, but why? What's the point? It's creepy to me that "fans" would want to find out our real names. Think about it. It's kinda stalkerish and a porn chick pet peeve! When a fan calls me by my real name at a signing, I have them removed. If you call my by my real name in tweets, I block you. Just sayin. Wanna piss a porn girl off, call her by her real name. Ask any porn chick. 
?NiNE: @iSimonn: What was the first thing(s) you bought w/ your first check from porn work?
When I first started porn I was pretty strapped for cash so I pretty much just paid bills. I paid off my student loan first. 
?TEN: @iSimonn: What has been the funniest "high" adventure that you've had? 

Magic Truffles in Amsterdam with my two besties Alexis Texas & Mr. Pete. Walking around Dam Square, giggling, skipping, getting creeped out & going back to our apartment where we stayed there for a few hours and filmed each other laughing. There's a video somewhere...

?ELEVEN: @AdultJamesRiley: If your acting career took you to Hollywood, What genre of film would you like to do? -->Action? Romance? Fantasy?...

?Twelve: @d2dacizzle: If you could party with one person who would it be & why? 

Coco because she's so fun! We could play dress up all day and take pictures of our butts.  
?THiRTEEN: @DustDevil65: ...You're one day away from being executed, What would be your last meal?

My Grandmothers Butter Tarts, Meat Pasties, Sausage Rolls & Yorkshire Pudding. Some Satsuma Oranges & some P. Butt Cups and maybe a 24oz Modelo Especial.

?FOURTeen: @TheRealFrangios: Who is your Favorite character in "Casino"? 
Sam "Ace" Rothstein

?FiFTEEN: @ithomso: What do you think is the most beautiful car ever made? Top 3 if you can't choose one.

1947 Chrysler Windsor. I'm a sucker for suicide doors.  
?SiXTEEN: @CANDEE06: If you could pick how you would die, how would you & why?
I'd want to die in my sleep next to my soulmate after having the best day ever topped off by the best sex ever & the best dream ever.  

?SEVENTEEN: @kjf80: Another one, if you could live anywhere on this earth besides L.A. where would that place be? 

Amsterdam or in a trailer park somewhere in the middle of nowhere. 

?EiGHTEEN: @twotins: Who would you NOT like to be stuck in a lift with? And who would you like to swap that person with?

I would NOT like to be trapped in a lift with any of my exboyfriends or any porn girl that refers to herself in the third person. I'd swap them for any of my best friends or my favorite<3 penis (so I could get laid). 

?NiNETeen: @OMFGitsTheBee: What song describes you daily routine? 

Happy Thought Hall - "Get Happy" 

?TWENTY: @photoproshooter: When you get to take a vacation - What do you do on vacation that you never do at "home"? 

Travel and enjoy my success and only fuck who I want when I want how I want. 


  1. Yay :) brilliant questions and even better answers :) x

  2. I was waiting for someone to ask how old Bootz was.
    I would really like to know the answer to that.

  3. This is why I like following you. Usually in this type of thing, a lot of the questions just get blown off, but you really put some thought into your answers. Nice.

  4. OMFG! That pic of you and Alexis Texas all baked is priceless.