Friday, March 11, 2011

Kristina's Korner [PiXXX]

I've been super busy lately. I love being busy, but I hate being bombarded by 9 million things to do. My life in pix. Let the madness begin...

I had a few days off but in porno land a day off isn't really a day off. It just means you have a bunch of shit you have to do that doesn't include getting naked or getting fucked. I had to clean my apt. Which was cool cuz I'm not good at living life when my apartment is a mess....& I found maddd weed stashed EVERYWHERE!!!

In my closet...
In my nightstand...
EVERYWHERE!! (*^_^*)

Okay, I did something without telling you guys. I threw Franklin away :( 
I'm kinda sad about it & I feel bad that I didn't give him a proper burial....
I tossed him into a Burke Williams bag filled with bathroom trash after my penis said he was "gross" & creeped him out.
I'm still sad about it... But the peen was right. Frank was getting gross. 

I don't stress 'bout copycats & h8Rz. I like it. That means my shit smellz good. 
Hi! blandyCANES!!! Get off my dick. 
P.S. Yo, Your mom smells like pickle juice & cum socks.

I'm not sure where I'm going or if this is supposed to be figurative or literal, but either way I'm a superstitious Mexican so I'm like WHOA!
I'm hoping I'm going to China in May with my long time civilian bestie Lynelle (@lynellefurbush) so we can go see our idol Moses (@gunzandmoses)

I'm so far behind on my wish list thank you pkgs I think I might hire someone to help me put them all together! I got this super cool coffee mug last week. 
Every time I drink out of it I feel guilty. Maybe Paris was cancelled for a reason.

Getting ready for work booty.
On my way to set. I was shooting for West Coast that day. Lollipop on tha waaayyyy...
It was a LEX day!

Taking pix on set...
Dark & Lovely...
Mirrors are a beautiful thing.

Now, we should all take a moment and tweet thanks at Jules Jordan (@julesjordan) for teaching me the ways of mirror picture magic. THANKSSS NoGO!!!!

I was playing a super hot rich married chick and my dude went to Vegas for the weekend with the fellas. 
Well, guess what!? Apparently, while the husband is away LEX will play...
...With my bungaloonzs. 

Having a smoke. That's what we dooooo!

Enema time!! 
One time some "classy" porn chicks told me via tweets NOT to post "Enema Pix" because they "grossed" them out. 
To which I said, If it says ENEMA PIC, don't look at it dummy. P.S. Don't tell me what to do. I do what I want! 

When I came home from set Bootz did the funniest thing. She wouldn't stop rubbing her head on my sock. It was sooo weird. I took pics. 
We had a mini photo shoot. I have like 900 different sets of photo shoot pix with Bootz. 
I think it's official. I'm a creepy cat lady. 
Or maybe I just wanna document our love!
Naaahhh, I'm just a creepy ass cat lady. They don't call me tha KKK (Kreepy, Krazy, Kristina) for nuthin'! 

I love working a lot but I also go crazy when all my personal errands pile up. Some porn chix have assistants. Some don't. I don't because I'm cheap, I don't trust anyone & my coach said I'm too lazy and so he forces me to do shit myself. I have a tendency to be a total sloth so getting shit done can be hard. I need motivation. 

Marky Mark in the old CK ads. I'mmma 'bout it!
Got my pussy wet too en errrryTING!

More guilty pleasures...
I was super excited to get the HK brush set that Asa Akira & I saw at the HK party a few months ago!
I even txt her a pic & told her to add it to her wish list so we could have matching ones!
My favorite British chica sent me the nicest card and the cutest little gnome! 
Shout out to S. ;)

And I got bacon band-aids! So fuck whatcha hurrrdddd birrrrrd :P
Because of my motivational picture, I was able to complete all my chores for the day! Once again....
Marky Mark is excellent motivation. Thanks Marky!
David & Nicole 4 EVA!

This day started so good... My pkg I had been waiting and waiting for finally arrived in L.A., fucked the shit out of me & let me suck the breakfast outta his peen. But, my happiness was short lived coz as soon as my lucky charm left my side I got a flat tire and had to deal with some muthafukkkin' bullllllllshit!

It was all good tho. As an ongoing birthday gift my father still pays for my triple A, so I got my tire hooked up fairly quick & off I went to my shoot for Rick Shameless (@rickshameless). We shot some super dope pix, some of which will be on my site (when it's up) and others that will hopefully end up in some cool magazine. 

Here I am post shoot.
Once I got home I stepped on Bootz paw and called it a day. 
Picking my nose before something cute happened. 
TIP: Sometimes drunk dials are cute. Sometimes they're not. It all depends on what is said & who saying what.

Here I am up at the gay bay working for KiNK's!
I love coming to KiNK. Some girls are afraid to come work at KiNK. Not me. They're one of my most favorite companies to shoot for!! 

Here I am before make-up!
Kink always dresses me up all sexy innocent. 
Here I am post getting fucked vaginally, anally and both simultaneously (AKA DP'd) by machines! Robots are cool. 
Waiting on the three up three down for my ride back to the port.
I always miss my heart when I go away. Even if it's only for just one day.

I got a call from Elegant Angel letting me know that some fan mail had arrived for me there. 
Some men just know the way to a porn whores heart. 
It's called C.R.E.A.M.

I'm a slut on my own time with the penis of MY choosing. Ya dig. ;)
Here I am on the way to some audition for some porn parody movie. I hate auditions. They make me feel creepy & I always feel like an asshole after. 
Once my audition was done it was off to do a favor for an old friend. 

My friend was shooting a music video & asked me if I could do him a solid and make an appearance. So I did! And I got to wear this really cool wolf head hat. 
(Dear PETA, Please don't judge me. It's not my hat.)
There's my old friend with tha camera setting up shots.

Here I am just waking up & in the BEST mood EVER! I was super excited for my day off!
A little booty before I started my errands for the day...
And a little bit more just cuz I'm an attention whore. 
I really hate, hate, hate going grocery shopping. I think because I hate putting my groceries away and trying to think about what I want to eat later in the week is annoying. So after a BIG lunch, I smoked a BIG bowl, threw my Beats on and off I went. 
Odd Fact: I almost always get recognized at my grocery market. So random.

Or a chick with two daddies?

I was so excited that my movie I had remembered the other day (and the whole reason why I restarted my Netflix account) had arrived. 
I recall seeing this a looooong time ago when it had originally aired on HBO. It was even better than I remembered. 
They burned pitchforks on each other with paperclips they heated on electric stoves.
They all just hung out in fields, sang old west coast rap songs from the 90's & shot up each others houses. 
Their fashions were incredible too. Definitely a must watch if you haven't seen it. 

[bREAKfAST was G00D]

Yesterday I was super excited to be working for my friend Ivan (@IAMIVANXXX)
Here I am doing my best blowup doll impression. 
Later we did a wardrobe change! Ivan loves my fashions. We definitely bond over that. 
All G'd up. Inspired by Little Rock Arkansas hood hop fashionz.

Later I was feeling odd so I declared: 
"Sorry if I'm acting weird. I'm kinda stoned."

Ivan handed me these...
And all was right again in Kristina's Korner.

Most people wonder what it is that us porn peeps do on set all day. The director, photographer and PA spend most of their day setting up stuff. 
I spend most of mine waiting & tweeting/txting. 
I wonder what porn chix did back in the day before smart phones. 

Note: Just because you guys/gals love me & are totally DTF me, doesn't mean I'm everyones flavor. lolz. Sometimes your dude for the day needs a little something extra to get his motor going. That something extra doesn't always come in the form of a little blue pill. 
I don't haaate. Do your thang boooooo ;P  

Home from set with my new toy Ivan gave me! Just like back in the day! 
My favorite part of the day is after all my work is done for the day, I'm fresh outta the shower and all ready for bed. 

Good Morning. 
From Kristina's Korner. 

Blog Ya Later!