Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twenty+FOUR ?'s w/ KR

1. "@kkjeff: @KristinaRosexxx Have U ever, or would U ever do scene w/ a she-male?" 

Nope. I've never done a scene with a she-male and I don't think I ever would. Nothing against she-males, it's just not something I'm interested in. I've known a lot of girls to say they want to and I think that most of them just say that because they think that's what people want to hear rather than it being something that actually turns them on. Silly sluts. 

2. “@allsportsfanG: @KristinaRosexxx what place do you wanna go to in the world that u havnt been?”

I've always wanted to go to Prague. I'd love to see all the old architecture. I hear it's AMAZING and that the people are really cool.

3. “@rjg_obv: @kristinarosexxx did you play any sports growing up? whats your favorite sport to watch?”

When I was in first grade I wanted to be a ballerina so my dad signed me up for karate. I cried. Later, in elementary-middle school I took ballet, tap, jazz & gymnastics. Middle school up to high school I was a cheerleader. I never played any real sports though. I was a total girly-girl. Still am. 
As far as sports I like to watch, I don't really follow any sport too closely. I like to watch basketball the most. Football, hockey & sumo are fun too. Baseball is only fun to watch if you're actually at a game. 

I heart #16

4. “@DirtySouthpaw: @KristinaRosexxx Favorite midnight snack???”

I have a few foods that I always keep around:
-White Castle Cheeseburgers


-P. Butt Cups

-Cheese sticks

5. “@SGALAN34: @KristinaRosexxx if you met the "right" dude...would you give up porn.....financial's not being an issue.....”

A lot of you guys ask me this question on twitter all the time. I guess the answer is Yes. I've had boyfriends in the past ask me to stop, but I always said no. But I think if I were really in love, I probably would. 
Why??? You guys trying to wife me up? ;P

6. “@sammer_time: @KristinaRosexxx Have you or would you consider selling your artwork? What are your favorite pieces?--Blog”

Yes! I used to sell my paintings all the time before I got into porn. I need to paint more often. I'm just so lazy. ;P My favorite painting I've ever done was my Macaulay Culkin. I still love it. 

7. “@kdisney1020: @KristinaRosexxx what ur favorite childhood memory?”

My favorite childhood memory is visiting my Grandmother when I was 4 years old, I found a big fuzzy caterpillar in her front yard and we named him Billy. Every time I came to visit my Grandmother I would look for Billy. 

8. “@Oldstyle25: @KristinaRosexxx Other than sexual attraction, what other Male feature are u attracted too...”

In order for me to be sexually attracted to a man I have to be attracted to his personality first. Intelligence, wit, a sense of humor, AMBITION, a job & a car are all things that usually do the trick ;) 

9. “@wwwjeffmayca: @KristinaRosexxx would you ever date someone with a disability?”

I've dated a few guys with disabilities. All of them were financially disabled due to a lack of job & "loseritous". They all also seemed to be infected with the "I'm an Artist" disease (AKA entrepreneur AKA unemployed).

Seriously though, I don't think a disability would hold me back from dating someone if I really liked them in that way. It just wouldn't. I'm not weirded out by disabilities. We're all just people. 

10. “@MoshnRoll: @KristinaRosexxx what is one thing u really want 2 do, but haven't had the chance 2?”

My dream is to go on a crazy ass road trip across America to visit all the classic weird American landmarks like the biggest ball of twine etc. 

11. “@iHate_Olives: @KristinaRosexxx what is your biggest pet peeve in general? how long do you think you'll stay in porn? do you date male porn stars?”

Pet Peeve: Backhanded compliments and liars. 
How long will I stay in porn: IDK, until I'm bored of it. TBC..
Dating the talent: No. I don't date the talent. Not my type and I don't shit where I eat. I just shit on the street ;)

12. “@Hootie_444: @KristinaRosexxx Hmmm..Have you ever flirted with a teacher to do better in class?”

Yes. My best friend in middle school & I used to tease our science teacher in hopes of higher grades. I'd do the bend over and pick shit up trick and her tits were huge so she'd lay those bad boys right on the desk. We didn't get A's but we got C's thanks to my big ass and her double D's.

13. “@zlewisva: @KristinaRosexxx how much different is your normal sex life from your porn sex life”

My personal sex life is different from my porn sex life. First off, in my personal life I choose who I have sex with. Also, I have things I'm into that I don't share with the public. That doesn't mean I'm into shitting on people or anything, it just means I like to keep some of my little fetishes etc. to myself. I keep those things private, just for me & the lucky guy I choose to share myself with. If I shared everything, what would be left for just me? 

14. “@BeLikeMike94: @KristinaRosexxx What goal do you want to accomplish in your personal Life? Thks”

My biggest goal in life is to just be happy & live the happiest life I can. Wherever that takes me, that's where I'll go. Other than that I just want to buy my dream house and travel to all the countries I'd like to visit!

15. “@ringohidalgo: @KristinaRosexxx what was the first concert you went to?”

The first concert I went to was a Green Day concert. I was 11 years old and they were my favorite band at the time. So, for a early birthday present my dad bought tickets and took me to see Greed Day at the Pond in Anaheim. I remember it was so much fun. I was so excited. My dad was a super cool dad too so I didn't feel lame going with my dad. He got floor tickets and everything. I love that story. :)

16. “@crinou513: @KristinaRosexxx If tomorrow morning U wake up in a man's body for a day, what will you do of that day??”

If I were a man for a day I would get dressed like what I think "cool guy" dresses like in my mind and I would probably try to fuck as many different kinds of girls as possible. Just to try 'em out. I would pee anywhere I felt like. I would open jars all by myself. I would definitely go to the gym and see if the locker room is filled with naked guys and find out what dudes talk about reaalllly. I'd get drunk and fight a dude in the street with my shirt off. I would do jumping jacks (just cause I always wondered what it feels like when your junk is all flopping around). I, of course would have a huge dick, and I'd slap it on some doorways, just cuz. 

17. "@FallenRider: @KristinaRosexxx What question do you hate being asked the most?"

How did you get into porn?

18. "@ReverendDodd: @KristinaRosexxx - You are forced to open an ice-cream shoppe with a famous celebrity, who is the celeb and what's the shop's name?"

Immediately when I read this question the first person that popped into my head was Gary Busey. IDK why, but to me that seems like the perfect recipe for fun and excitement. Our shop would be called; "Krazy Kreams" 

19. "@Crossed87: @KristinaRosexxx What are your 5 "desert island" albums?" 

That's a tough one, but off the top of my head...
-Daft Punk "Alive" 

-Wu-Tang Clan "36 Chambers" 

-The Smiths "The Sound of The Smiths" 

-MTV Party To Go Vol. 5 

-Michael Jackson "Thriller"

20. "@tony4895: @KristinaRosexxx ever think of living somewhere else besides LA area? Any specific city?"

I've been thinking about this a lot, so it's funny you should ask.
I have two different places I'd be interested in living besides L.A. 
Number one (of course) would be Amsterdam! Why: I can smoke there with no worries, I like the food, the people and how the Dutch language sounds. I also feel like I'd be totally comfortable living there. They get my fashions over there.

Another place I've been wanting to live for a while is somewhere real country, like trailer park country. IDK why but buying a big giant trailer in a trailer park in the middle of nowhere sounds pretty fun to me. Just me, a bunch of my animals, my junk food, my ganja and my crazy trailer park friends sounds like good time to me.

21. "@abutjkawi: @KristinaRosexxx What's your favorite song from the 1960's?"

It's hard to pick just one since most of my favorite songs are from the 60's. But I gotta go with a Spector.. The Ronettes "Be My Baby"

22. "@bbc_lord: @KristinaRosexxx who are ur celebrity crushes, 1 male & 1 girl each"

Mark Wahlberg (duh) 
He had me at "NICOLE 4 EVA"

& Katherine Moennig (AKA that hot dyke from "The L Word")

23. "@MOXXX: @KristinaRosexxx Does Bootz have a wish list, and if I bought something would Bootz send me a thank you package?"

I heard she does. She gets stuff sent to her from time to time. She got a 6 month supply of cat food and a Cat Fancy magazine subscription. She does send out Thank You pkgs. I've caught her making them. She really thinks she's some kind of celebrity. She's so conceited. 

24. "@Starrdogchamp: @KristinaRosexxx how does it feel to have sex for your imcome?"

It bothers other people a lot more than it does me. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RANDOM|Memories: I'm getting all sentimental on ya

Organizing my photobook I ran into some old images of memories you may have never seen...
For some reason all these pics just kinda stand out to me. 
These are the highlights of the good|bad|ugly\new.

Alexis Texas & I drunk as hell with a friend we made at Mr. Marcus's birthday party circa 2009.
 Alexis Texas, Mr. Pete & Me @ Mr. Marcus's birthday party 2009. 
Inseparable [well, kinda...maybe just for a moment] ;P

 Once upon a time about a year ago I was super duper low..
When I feel low, 
I like to take a break from life....

So, I took a vacation. 
Everyone that mattered made it in the shot...
 Stoned in the City.
 The Dirty Girl in the Dirty

 Muhammad Ali was my idol last year. Still is...
 "Champions are made from something they have deep inside them, a desire, a dream, a vision.
They have to have last-minute stamina,
they have to be a little faster,
they have to have the skill and the will.

But the will must be stronger than the skill."
-Muhammad Ali 

Boys are weird.
We heart Holmes (*^_^*)
He still is kinda mine & Lani's. He was like our love child last summer.

Things that make me happy: 
My friendship contract with Glenn and all our blooping. 
 This shirt Alexis & I made for my brother Roy "The Lights" Rose...
 Vegas AEE/AVN 2011!
 "All of the Lights"

Just me. 
 My boobie is the cutest. She is kinda like my angel lady. 
 I miss her face a bunch.
 Still am, always will be...
The Dirty
I had no idea how much my life was about to change. 
Absolutely NO Regrets!

I just really love what's going on here. Erotica LA 2009 or 08.
 Sunny Lane & Me: I love this pic. 
 I can't wait for Marie "The FreakDiva" Luv to get her black ass back to L.A.! 
We h*gh & we fly..
 No need for words.
 Here's to ignorance. 

 So we meet again. Funny how things just happen. 
You can always connect the dots later..

I believe everything happens for a reason. That's why I don't regret anything. 
Had I not had bad things happen to me I never would have found my boobie..
I never would have had that wall painted...
I never woulda had that picnic..
I never woulda...

<3June 24th, 2010<3
 If I had regrets I never would have met the faces I surround myself with today.

September 24, 2009
 I'm much different now...
But, the booty remains the same. 

[The END]