Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Thoughts & PiXXX

KR Random Thoughts: 
My mantra (per my coach): "Be Bossy"
I'm working on it. 

 Sometimes you just gotta remind people your ass still exists. 

I had mucho el funo at the Elegant Angel (@elegantangelxxx) pod cast. Met up with my bestie Alexis Texas (@Alexis_Texas) pre-show so we could get our smizzzoke on. Bitch had me laughing so hard I was crying. 
To hear our podcast go here: Elegant Angel Podcast

 This is the first time Alexis and I met! We were on set for her first Buttwoman movie! 
This is the day that we became Best Friends! 
One year later I proposed to her. 
Special Thanks to Mr. Pete and Elegant Angel for hook us up!

If there's one man I ALWAYS love, it's my agent Mark Spiegler. He is the best agent in the biz! 
"Hey Spieglieeeeee, babyyyy I got chur monnnnney..."

Worlds Greatest Agent EVER!

For my toeheadz. Fozzie B. has a foot fetish too!

It seems like all I did last week was think about one thing over and over again. 
It's odd to me that no matter how old we get, no matter how many times we go through the same thing, it's always the same...
Feelings are weird. Especially when they're new. 

Thank GOD for presents! Gifts always help make everything better!
 I worked some on my fan mail and the next day I got more presents. (*^_^*)
 I still have a ton of fan mail/thank you pkgs to do, but I'm slowly getting all caught up!
 Thanks for waiting! You guys are the best!
 Alexis has these same booty shorts in white! 
 Can't wait to wear this red number for a shoot!

...Like why do we always have to act soooo too cool for skool??
 Why can't you just say what you mean w/out having to worry about blanking yourblank. IDK. I'll get back to you on that one when I get it figured out. 

A make-up artist and I were talking about skeezey guys on set and how they try to ask porn girls out...

-If a girl is desperately looking into her phone while you are trying to talk to her/ask her out, that means NO she does not want to go out with you. 
When I really like a guy and I'm interested in going out with him, he will have my undivided attention. 

Now, if this came to pick you up from the airport and lingered on your every word....
Wouldn't you wanna lock it down?

Tha Answer is blank. No, really... The answer is blank.  

Floating on air... foooorrr tha moment. 

My friend Alex Gonz (@gonz420) told me that a girl wouldn't work with him because he smokes weed. 

 Shout Out to Jules Jordan 
I call him "NoGo".

Awwwe, look how sweet. Stoney had no idea what was about to happen next..
 Booty shot
 Trying to make my titties look big. It was a No Go! ;P
 Outfit change. I was shooting for cumlouder.com 
 And shout out to Belladonna (@BelladonnaENT) for giving me this cool bikini!

Cold in Malibu
 My new boyfriend.
 About to start my scene.
 Finished with my scene!
 I make myself cum. 
 What else am I supposed to do.
 The other day I was having the best hair day ever. IDK why. I guess it was kind of joke. 

Dark and rainy. 
Along side Spiegs, they're the only other men that NEVER let me down. 

 A lot of people ask me why I don't blank a blank. 
Stop asking. 

 50,000+ the irony of it is both hilarious and pathetic. 

Retail Therapy.  
 Dear Bloomingdales, 
This is a love letter to you. 
 You keep me in smiles when everyone else and life is making me blank. 
Life is dumb sometimes. Most of the time I feel like I'm wasting thoughts...

..And usually I am because at the end of the day all I am to you people is a big giant pussy.
So fuck it! 

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  1. That's true it was ya pussy and that booty that caught my attention. But that's not what make me read ya blog and follow your tweets.. I like the way ya think. So fuck what got me interested its what keeping me interested that matters.