Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paris Got Cancelled PiXXX & Experimenting w/ ViDEO

So this week I had a few days off in a row because my trip to Paris got cancelled. I was supposed to go to Paris to attend a signing event with Bobbie Starr, Kimberly Kane & Lily LaBeau, but unfortunately there was a problem getting us work visa's so our trip got cancelled. Bummmmer. 

It's kinda cool though because I always have a million personal errands to do. ALWAYS. 

Here I am on my way to get some of those errands done. This was a BIG day for me. (*^_^*) Ssshhhh!

 Saturday morning when I got home I walked in on Bootz sleeping like this. She's crazy.

 Here I am getting ready to hit up some organic food expo thingy with my friend Lynelle (@lynellefurbush). 

 I was in a super good mood even though I was about to miss face for a week. 

 I desperately tried to convince Lynelle that we should go to Disneyland, but she would not budge. That bitch loves her some organic shit. 

 As soon as we got there a fire truck and ambulance arrived. I was like WTF kind of organic food expo is this?? 

There was so much food. We started with organic cookies!! 

 Here we are all smiles and filled with organic food. 

 At one point Lynelle turned to me and said "That guy looks kinda like Fabio"
I said, "That IS FABIO dummy!" 
I totally pulled a creepy fan move and snuck a pic. Haa, haa. Now I can't hate when people do that to me. ;P 

Just Sayyyyin'

 100% Organic and absolutely NO THC... No Thank You ;P 

 Lynelle and I didn't plan this out very well, because I get kinda over things fairly quickly and once I'm done I'm done. I'm not a big fan of huge crowds and I'm short so being surrounded by a bunch of tall people without someone to protect my space makes me feel claustrophobic & gives me anxiety. 

By Noon:30 I was over it. So I made my way to Lynelle's car for a smoke break...

 And I spent the rest of the next four hours in her car with my own organics...

 Lynelle is one of my oldest friends (as in she's known me the longest). She's known me since I was 20 years old. A lot of people have come and gone in my life but Lynelle is someone I always keep around. I love her. She's my bestest friend in the whole world and that's the truth. 

We met 6 years ago when we both worked as customer service reps for 900#'s (Phone Sex & Psychics, etc.) We didn't do phone sex. We just processed the credit cards and spoke to the wives that called in to ask what this $239.98 charge was for on their husbands credit card. 
I've seen Lynelle on MANY occasions hand twenty dollar bills to homeless people. She even used to pack two lunches for work and on her break she'd take it over to this homeless dude that used to chill by the freeway off-ramp. She had lunch with him almost everyday. She even bought him some sneakers one time after someone stole his shoes while he was sleeping. Lynelle is just the sweetest, nicest person I know. 

 We have so many crazy stories together. Lynelle has been there for me through so many different events. Good things and bad things. I've slept on her couch for months at a time, she's saved me from psycho ex-boyfriends & she threw me the best birthday party ever when I was having the worst life ever. 

We were super excited to be back in L.A. after a long and stuffed organic day!

 Here's a pic I made for my girl Marie Luv (@marieluv). This is a pic she took last time she was out in LA after her car got jacked and I took her to get some ice cream. I brought my gnomes to cheer her up. 

 Here I am home from the organic fest and about to go get a refill of my own organics. 

Bootz is such a creep.

 Yes, I am that sucker...
 I bought Charlie Sheen weed because look at my life...
Later that night my friend Peter Warren came over and we watch a movie called "Virginity Hit". Which was absolutely hilarious. We gave it an A+. 

 Here I am about to smoke my Sheen, which not only gave me the wickedest munchies eva but it also turned me into a weirdo...
I searched the MegansLaw site for like an hour to see where all the rapists live in my area and in my friends areas. As it turns out, I'm cool in my hood because I'm a little too old for the rapists in my area...
But all my friends live in what Peter and I like to call "Violent Anal Rapist Country". 

 Missing face and unable to sleep...

 Bootz keeping me safe. I had to sleep with the lights on for a bit.


PreShower Booty...

 It kinda sucks to be you guys sometimes, because all I ever want to do it take super nasty pix and send them to _blank_ and now all you get is these kinda shots...
Haa, haa. Donnnnn be J. Beans! ;P

 Here I am on my way to get pick up my beautiful boobie so I can take her to the airport. I'm kinda the best friend for that. I always take people to the airport. 

 When I went to pick up my boobie (@misslanilee), we had to drop by her studio to pick up some of her photography gear. I got to see Holmes!
 Look how big he is!!!! 
I remember last summer when Holmes used to fit into Lani's Budweiser Supremem bag. He wuz just a baby then. Now he's all grow'd up!

 The other day I was wondering what it would be like if I was missing part of my leg. Would you still love me??
Sheen Weed.

Bootz says Good Morning. 

 Once time I ate some chix vag and it looked just like this. 

I was really feeling some Peaches on Monday.

About to leave for errands...

 Home from errands! I was so excited because I got news that I got booked for a pricey scene that's gunna pay off all my taxes. Woot!
 Yes, when I was a little girl I was one of those chicks that walked into the room and lifted up her dress over her head...Just cuz. ;P

I'm soooo behind on my fan mail it's crazy. Finally had time to get on some of it. Here I am, 8 letters down...18 more to go...
I still have 3 more boxes. Slowly but surely. 
Maybe I do need an assistant. 
Any takers?

This is what I look like when I miss Texas. 

 Boootdiezzz and me, creepin' ouuuut!

Before bed booty pic. 

Due to my trip to Paris being cancelled I had a lot of days off. But, we all knew that wouldn't last long...
I randomly got booked last min to work for Reality Kings director Greg Lansky. I haven't worked for him in a min, but we go waaay back. He shot the shit outta me when I first started in the biz. I worked for New Sensations like 3 times a week the first year I was in porn and Greg was almost always the director. 

Here I am on my way to set...
 Here I am rocking my Beats waiting my turn for make-up. I love my Beats, iPhone & iPad so much. They make me love life on set!
 Here I am with my new big booty friend Jada Stevens (@mzjadastevens). Our butts look almost exactly the same. It's crazy. She was super sweet. We're both stoners and I totally turned her on to Kool Keith while driving through the hills of Hollywood on our way to location!

 We were at the coolest location. That's a waterfall! We were hikers. Big Booty hikers!

 Jada and I hung out and got some sun while we waited for the director to arrive on set. 

 Making face...

 I've been trying to eat a little more so I can feed da booty. Fozzie thinks I'm doin' aight. 

Yesterday I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Here I am before it all turned to shit..
 A lot of you thought I was watching a weird porno, but really that was just a picture I inherited that I like and have hung on the wall by my living room stairs. 
 Fuck You Booty
Bootz let me touch her nose with my finger yesterday. She never lets me do this. I've been trying for 2 years now!
Now if only I could get her to let me touch my nose on her nose. 
 When I feel crappy I call one of 3 people (or all 3, it depends). Yesterday I called Dimagggg. We had munchies plate (all my favorite munchies on one plate post blunt) & he watched me smoke, eat & listened to me complain & talk about my love life for 3 hours ;P 
I love my straight gay.
Afterwards I was all happy again!

So after I was feeling right again, DiMagggg left and I got ready to go meet up with my bestie, Tha Booty (@Alexis_Texas). 
We were going to a podcast @ElegantAngelxxx invited us to take part in. 
I mean really, what kind of podcast could they have without us???
Buttwoman & Slutwoman

Asa was there too! Just hangin' out and shiiiit. 
 We had so much fun at the podcast. We went over old behind the scenes set stories etc. It was fun. We played games and just had a fun time. 

 After that I jammed off to my homie Peter Warren's (@peterwarren) birthday dinner. Never in my life had I been to a birthday party for a dude, where there were so many hot chicks in attendance. Peter Warren is a pimp. Six super hot and successful porn chix and only two dudes, if you are a dude and you were invited to Peter Warren's birthday dinner and you skipped it, you're an idiot. 

 I drank too much soda so I was a bit up. Thank GOD I got my mail..
That's it!

ALSO! I'm trying to do more video stuff. I'm even planning on getting a little video camera. I think I'm gunna start documenting my life via video. 

Earlier this week I jerked off my titties. Here is tha clip. 

Also yesterday....Here I am...About to get in the shower video. I tried to post but it didn't work. 

More to come. More to come. 

I'm very interested in hearing about what type of things you would like to see me blog about/do for my blog. Please leave your suggestions/comments here or Tweet at me! 


  1. I like your random pics at least I think they're random and the comments you make on each one of them.. It shows you're committed to your fans.. Keep them coming.. I like that LA face and a freak for that Oakland booty..

  2. Hey Kristina,

    I like your tweets and blogs. I enjoy your goofyness and the way you show off your fun and playful personality. I read your tweets whenever I need a break from work. The only suggestion I have is maybe list some movies your would recommend fans to watch of you that you're proud of.

  3. Hey Kristina,

    I hope this is what you meant by blogging you questions. But this is supergalatic from twitter. I recently became a fan of yours by peeping some of your scenes. I was wondering if you would recommend me some scenes or videos to watch of you that your particular enjoyed doing.

  4. Ms Rose,

    I love your personality and your tweets. However, your blog is pretty much all your tweets so we aren't learning anything more about you. I'd suggest making the blog about two or three items that were the highlight for you during the week (that's if you're only posting weekly).

    I'm surprised your blog didn't have anything about Nate Dogg's passing, or the Japan crisis and your thoughts on them. Again maybe that's not your intent, I just found it odd you didn't mention it.

    I'd also suggest that you increase the size of your font. The Pictures are a good size but the font doesn't seem to the fill the page.

    I know you're an entertainer, so even a video post from time to time of you answering questions from your adoring fans would be fun too. Also hearing your funny stories on the job are great too.

    Again, Just my two cents...I wish you continued luck in your endeavours...



  5. Application for assistant;
    I am a great PA! (this sentence alone should do it)
    I can teach you to swear in 3 languages
    When you are feature dancing I could be your 'tend' suitcase pimp! and I come with bodyguard experience and would always stop the tall people from crowding you
    I clean apartments like a bitch & would do all food shopping - i await my interview - GA2shoes