Friday, June 24, 2011

Appearance Dates and a lot of PiXXX


JULY  8-9-10 
I'll be at Exxxotica Chicago signing autographs and taking pictures on behalf of Elegant Angel at the TLA Raw booth!

JULY 14-15-16
I'll be feature dancing in Philly at The Oasis!
Come out and see me shake my ass, get a lap dance of a life time from me 
and pick up some awesome kreeper swag!

1925 HWY 6 South Houston, TX PH: 281-531-7900
July 21-22-23
I'll be feature dancing at the brand new Vegas Mens Club in Houston TX!
I'm sooo excited! I've never been to TX before and my favorite lady is from there. 
This should be awesome!
Come out and see me dance!
Get a dance from ME!
And leave with some bomb ass mementos of our slutty night together!

JULY 28-29-30
This is gunna be a very cool, super special, slutty engagement!
Alexis Texas and I will be doing 5 duo shows together on stage at the GRAND OPENING of the Spearmint Rhino's newest sister club The Pink Rhino in DWNTWN L.A.!!
I'll post more details about this event as soon as I get them. 
Mark your calendars. This is something you're not gunna wanna miss. 
Alexis Texas shaking her big ass all over my face while I shake my ass in yours all for your viewing pleasure and probably surrounded by quite a few of our porn star friends!! 

Can't wait to see you guys!
I'll be sure to keep you informed about all my up and coming dancing and signing dates! 


Bootz likes to hide in the closet with R. Kelly and about 900 other men..
BEWARE ladies.. Some guys are secretly GAY.

 Kisses with Bootz..
 Naked on the roof..
 After jerkoff afterglow..
 My summer look..
Lets see how many days it will take until my doppelganger starts biting my summer look..
Oh, well.. At least I'm not a fake personality and I don't look like ET. 
 Here I am at JBVideo about to go live for their live web cam foot fetish show!
 And a booty shot! 
Feetz guys like rumpaloonz too!
 BEBE's KiDs
 Making a clip in rainbow weave..
I'm making it for one of my feature dancing costumes. 
Nicki Minaj and I be did it on 'em...

So on the first of June was Ashley Blue's book release party. 
She had called me up a while back and invited me to come and take part in the event.
I love Ashley Blue. She's actually one of the girls I've always kinda looked up to.
I've always liked her style and the way she seems to go about life. 
Also her BLOG is AMAZING.
 Here I am getting ready for the event. 
Payaso knows what time it is...
Eyebrows and Lashes are the finish line..
 As soon as Alexis & Peter Warren got to my place we jetted off to the HO+wood for Ashley's book party!
It was amazing! Her story is incredible and her book is something that everyone with a brain is talking about! I highly suggest picking it up. 
In fact, Here's the link : Buy it HERE

I was super surprised. I had no idea what Ashley was wanting me to do for her show and when I got there I quickly found out! 
Ashley gave me her Golden Enema's Award and I know this is gunna sound mad corny and everyone makes fun of me, but forreal..
I almost cried. 

Of all the awards I have ever received I think this is the one that means the most. 
It's not everyday that a girlvert you admire and respect gives you her golden enema award she made herself with her own little perverted hands. And of all the girls she could have picked, the fact that she chose me really touched me..
like a little Oriana fist in the back of the throat.


On this glorious day I got in a "twitter beef" with some mean old pretentious hag
 Lets begin..
I get that a lot of porn chicks hate the Amazon Wish List thing. 
I feel you...
I get a little tired of seeing girls begging for gifts on twitter..
All the "Spoil Me" tweets and the "buy me something off my Amazon Wish List" tweets..
I think they're tacky and they make girls sound desperate. 
IDK. Maybe they are..
I have even had to unfollow some of my fellow porn whore friends because although I love them, 
all their wish list tweets were just too much. 
I feel like if you're tweeting people to buy you shit all day every day, 
idk.. I just think it's weird. 
But in the same stance I'm not gunna hate. Do your thang. Everyone's game is different.

I have a Amazon Wish List  and I love it. 
My fans like to buy me presents. Things they know I'll love and use. 
And in return I send them thank you packages. 
What goes into a thank you package depends on what the dollar amount of the item they purchased was.
Obviously someone that buys me a iPad is gunna get a different kinda gift than someone that buys, like a DVD or something like that. 

I send autographed movies & 8x10's, panties I've worn, dildos I've used, Tits T-Shirts, a thank you card, personal pics, etc, etc. and so much more. I get really creative with it. 
Every package is different. 

Some dumb chicks like to think that their fans are retarded and can't think for themselves.
They insinuate that us girls that do have wish lists are trashy and that we are all manipulating you guys.
 IDK, I don't feel like this is the case. 
My fans are all grown ass men and woman that are way MORE than capable of making their own decisions. You're not all a bunch of retards. lol. 
You know what you're doing and if you would rather buy a movie or some other piece of merch from me directly via purchasing a gift for me on Amazon, well I think that's cool. 

Hey! Dumb amazon wish list haters, This is called "BARTERING".
Something I learned about in fourth grade social studies. 
I guess some of us are smarter than others. 

A couple of gifts...
 amazon gifted shorts and in return a signed DVD, TY card and personal PIXXX!
 Well, this twitter disagreement went into a whole other direction when said mean old hag accused me of shitting on her towels during a shoot at her home/location and hiding them, more than a year ago.

First off, lemme state that I think we all know that if I (OF ALL PEOPLE) shit on someone's towels or front lobby or whatever, I would admit it. 
I mean really..
I've sent pictures of my own poop to my friends when they're being shitty. 
I'm not one of those anal girls that's afraid of a little brown water or a doodie flake here and there.

We're all people and shit happens. Especially if you do anal.

If I had shit on anyones towels I wouldn't hide it. 
I still wish it was me that had shit on her towels tho. 

Not to mention that the director whose set this supposedly happened on said, "It wasn't even their towels that had shit on them. It was MY towel. They're STILL talking about that??"

Also, who the fuck cares who shit on your towels?
You opened your home up for people to shoot porn at..
If a little doodie towel is gunna upset you that much I'd love to hear how you feel about dudes pissing in the corner of you house/ girls "squirting" all over your couches and rugs etc. etc.

Also, I seen your dog shit/piss all over your white rugs. 
Maybe whoever shit on your towels thought that's how y'all roll. IDk. 

Either way it wasn't me. And That is that. 
I may be crazy, but I'm not a SAVAGE! lolzz.

 I did however think it was soooo funny how many industry people txt'd, called and tweeted me kudos for going in on (and I quote) "that dumb bitch"..

My favorite txt..
And as usual I had some amazing fans tweet at me with some hilarious commentary on the "beef"..
I tweeted: "Where are all my #KristinasKreepers at!!?"
I love my fans!
You're smart. You're witty.
And you all shit on towels!
Kisses to my Kreeps!

All of my haters fans all just tweeted at me how much better she is than me because she doesn't fuck black guys. 
That's nice. (*^_^*)

*NOTE* About a week ago I had to go back to that location to shoot a scene. 
I informed the director that I was shooting for that this might be a problem, 
but that I was cool and could be professional and had no beef. 

When I got there they were not pleased. 
They pulled me aside three times throughout the first half of day to talk to me about this shitty towel thing.
Threatening to kick me out several times during the first part of the day unless I spoke with them every time they interrupted our shoot. 
Over and over again we went other this. I felt that it was extremely unprofessional considering I was there on someone else's time. 
I almost felt like it was a ploy to try and squeeze another hour out of our shoot. 
I also feel like they were trying to embarrass me or something.. idk.
Either way it was unprofessional. 
They said everything was cool. Beef squashed. And shooting wouldn't be a problem. 
We're all adults, riiight?
We're all professional, right??

I guess not.
Found out last Friday that I am BANNED from their location. 
lol. Now they're asking every director who they're shooting. 
When my director friend told them he was shooting me and another girl apparently he was informed that I am not allowed to shoot there. ROTFL.
So, their location was NOT booked for the scene. 

It's funny. 
Somehow I don't think that directors are gunna change the talent they have booked for a particular movie over a crappy location in Granada Hills.
IDK. Maybe I'm crazy. 

And also, I feel kinda like a porno bad ass now that not only am I on a dudes no list, but I'm also on a location's no list. 

Me & My Bad Ass
 S/O to MDavis
 Sad faces when I miss my friends and lovers..
If there's one man in life that always cares and never asks for anything in return it's DiMAGG!
And when I die, he promises to send flowers to my grave forever and ever until he dies just like DiMaggio did for Monroe. 

 Up and at 'em super early! It's live sex day!
 Crazy Bush
On this day I was doing live sex with NACHO VIDAL
Nacho Vidal is a LEGEND!
I feel so lucky that I have had the opportunity to work with some many amazing porn legends!
Belladonna, Rocco Siffredi, Manuel Ferrara, Nina Hartley, and sooo much more..

All dressed up and ready for my scene!
 Here I am with the man himself before we started our live show!
 I did an absolutely AMAZING scene with Nacho!
There is totally a reason he's a legend. 
You guys that watched loved it so much, Raul said he wants to have me back for a DP with Nacho and Ramon!
We'll see...

Up and at 'em on the bright!
Getting ready to head to a podcast with my friend Peter Warren!
 In this picture one of us is high and one of us is not. 
Guess WHO!
Here I am at the interview...
 That was fun. It was for the Naughty Show peoples. Hopefully, I'll get to do the Naughty Comedy Show sometime this year!

After our interview, Peter and I were super hungry so we went to HOOTERS!
I had never been there before. 
 I liked it. It was yum.

=toes and tushy=
 After my interview it was off to my besties for a smoke and a visit. :) 
YAY for slumber parties!!
 Chillin' with Bebe's kids...
 I sleep with this guy. 
Relaxin' Toes

My baby is a fat ass
 A little toe, a little booty, a little titty and a little coochie. 
 WakenBaken on tha bright! Had a big long day ahead of me so I wanted to get my mind rite!
 Off to set I go!
 I was shooting for legendary photographer Earl Miller for his Exxxhibition project!
I felt truly honored and I was so excited and kinda nervous to work for Earl!

Here I am chillin' on set just outta make-up!
Part 1
 I did a couple photo sets for Earl. 
This one was my favorite tho, cuz I got to pose with a snake named Bandit!

 All snaked out for Earl Miller. 
 Posing with my new friend.
 Lemme just say the pix I did with Earl that day were gorgeous! 
I can't wait to see this!
 More posing..
 and almost done..
It was a really super long day on set, but I enjoyed myself. 
Sometimes you can be on set for someone only a short amount of time but it can feel like forever. 
And other times you can be on set for a super long time and not mind at all. 
It's all about tha vibe on set. 

To all feature directors and peeps that have shoots that just take a long time.
Keep the vibe cool. Have a little food and some caffeine on set and you're money. 

 Artistic Vaginas
 Annnnnd fuck you guyssssss...
I'm going HOME!

And when I got there I was soooooo excited because my sneakz I wanted for my Chicago signing had arrived and were just chillin' on my doorstep! 
 I'm doing a whole Chicago themed thing for Exxxotica and Jordans just seemed appropriate and they match my outfits ;P
 I love sneakers. One of my exboyfriends got me into them.
I'm not as fanatical as some people but I do love sneakers. 
They're the best for signings and just walking around and enjoying life. 
They always feel comfortable and never hurt my feetz.
I like to get a new pair for every signing I do. 
I like to create a wardrobe theme for my signings and I buy new sneakers to match my theme. 
Often dubbing them all with my own little nic+name based off of my theme. 

I call these my Chi-kAh-GOOOOz
 And guess what???
Bootz don't giv a fuck.

The END!