Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whoring about the Valley & BEYOND (AKA Oakland) P.S. [MYYY Blog has lots of pictures]

It's been a minute since my last blog. I've been a very busy whore! So get ready, this is gunna be quite the recap..
TUESDAY: I shot at Penthouse for Rocco Reed. It was his directorial debut! It was fun & I was super excited for him! Here's my day in pix and also some pix from the day I porked Christian in the rump...
Leaving for set! 

On set/Outta make-up fishface peace sign. It's like my signature look. 

More fishface & Mick Blue in the back over there getting undressed for his scene with Nikki Benz.

The wardrobe room at Penthouse is VAST!

Bored, just me and my pussy. Hangin' out. 

Booty shot!

I love sets that feed you actual food. Like Penthouse. :) Chipotle? Mmmm. 

Spiegler even came by & brought us the best Philly cheese steak sandwiches & bomb ass cheeseburgers from Michaels! I love when Spiegler comes to set! 

Outside on a smoke break. I heart my Beats! 

All ready for my strip tease. 

Threatening ChristianX with my predator face. 

Seee, Porn isn't all blowjobs & cum shots. There's a lot of waiting involved, thus a lot of Newports must be smoked. 

All dressed for my scene. In the script I think my boyfriend forgot about Valentines Day. I think Rocco was trying to channel my real life. Except I don't have a boyfriend ;P

Another shot of my big ass in my hot dress. 

Finishing off my RedBull before my scene.

The crew at Penthouse always checks my asshole for me before my scene ;) 

 Rocco had me working with Christian X which was kinda funny because I fucked him in the butt a week or so ago.
Dooodoloooop doooodolooop dooodolooop..
Me the day I porked Christian.

The room I porked him in & the strap-on I porked him with ;)
Now back to tuesday...

BTS shot before we started sex.

All finished with my scene. It was midnight, but I was still chipper. 

WEDNESDAY: I was back shooting for Penthouse again! This time I did a B/G anal scene with Alex Gonz. That was cool because I hadn't worked with Gonz since the scene we did for my movie Buttwoman vs Slutwoman out through Here's my Wednesday in pix...
Me about to leave...

This is the face I made while Alex Gonz dicked my poop hole.

Before make-up pic.

After make-up kiss.

Enema time. I love all my toys my fans send me. My Beats, my iPad, my iPhone etc. You guys & girls keep me all smiley all day on set!

Booty Shot.

Kiss face & a lil' titty.

Touching my pussy before my scene. 

One more booty shot before I took it in the rumpaloon. 

That over there is my friend Alex Gonz. He put his ween in my bum. We go way back. I did my 3rd scene ever with him. CRAZY! And he's kinda one of the luckiest dudes in porn because he dates my girl/AVN Best New Starlet of the Year Gracie Glam!  

Here I am at home in front of my bedroom mirror (typical), wearing panties I "borrowed" from my "friend"..Riiiight. ;P

And a kiss face good night to my tweeps. 

A lot of people have been asking about Franklin. So I tweeted a few pics of him. :) He's growing!

He loves to give that booty shot ;P

THURSDAY: I had an easy day. I got called back to do a box cover for a scene I did for Wicked a couple weeks ago. I played a chola in a silly superhero movie they made. My day in pix...
Leaving for set. I think I'm fancy.

Typical Spiegler Girl. I'm the first person on set. 

Here's what Wicked's version of a chola looks like.

 Later Wicked gave me a boob job. 
It's kinda funny how obsessed some people are with big boobs. To some people you don't exist/aren't considered sexy unless you have big boobs... 
And it really doesn't seem to matter if those "sexy boobs" look like big giant fake alien looking boobies or not, but whatever floats your boat I guess. 
You go ahead and blow those bad boys up if that's what you need to make yourself feel good. I guess I'm lucky I feel sexy just the way I am ;)

Later my pretend gay straight man friend came over and we made it rain on Bootz. It was funny. ;P 

My fruit friend left his glasses at my place so I sent him this pic to taunt him. 

I sent a real hot pic to my stupiddumbugly friend. You guys got this one.

Here I am on my roof. It was nice out. I hadn't smoked on my patio in a while. We liked it (*^_^*)

Later that night my friend Peter Warren of AVN magazine, invited me to go see some comedy at the Improv. It was fun. I ran into Kelly Divine and Tara Lynn Foxx, and I got to meet the beautiful Bella Moretti for the first time. It was fun. Pretty much everyone was funny except for this one guy and we all felt bad for him. It must be hard to be a comedian if you're not really that funny. Here's my pix from Naughty Comedy...
Me all dressed up for comedy. I was channelling my inner "Flashdance" Jennifer Beals that night, but new wave. 

Peter and I finally found parking. Here we are walking to the improv!

Peter had us all VIP at the Improv. It was cool. 

Here the Drunk Chick was getting an award. 

Me all peace.

This guy was my favorite. 

This guy was the funniest. 

Watching this guy talk to the cops in an australian accent while doing a lunge was amazing on another level. 

Kelly Divine was at Naughty Comedy to judge/take part in a make-out contest. 

Kelly Divine making out with Bella Moretti. 

Bella Moretti giving Kelly a lap dance while Tara Lynn Foxx watched.

Tara Lynn Foxxx making out with Kelly Divine.

These assholes again. They were funny. 

Then I had had enough so we left. :) 

When I got home, Bootz was looking cute so we did a photoshoot.

Then I said Good Night. 

FRIDAY: I got to shoot for one of my favorite people to shoot for, Lee Roy Myers. I love Lee Roy Myers sets because everyone is a big nerd just like me! I like everyone on his crew, especially his make-up artist and my friend (bound by friendship contract), Glenn Alfonso! Glenn & I go way back and for his birthday I gave him a friendship contract. 

Here's a copy of my "Friendship Contract" with Glenn. Just for my blog's records. 
*Note* We added a "Drake Addendum" to our contract. 

Anyways, so here I am getting ready for work. 

Here I am leaving for work. 

Here I am getting my hairs done by @glennalfonso

Spiegler even came by my set again on Friday too! This time he brought us BBQ! It was so yummy! I love when Spiegler comes to set. I just like having him around. 

I was a school girl that day and I thought it was "just rain boots" day so I didn't wear any clothes to school and I got in trouble. 

Here I am checking myself out before my scene. 

Here I am eating an apple right after Glenn touched up my lips ;P My breath was kickin' cuz I was sneaking ribs all day long between my pretty girl pix & sex stills w/ Anthony Rosano annnnnd I aint had no breath mints or nothing. Did you know apples naturally help cure bad breath???

Here I am relaxing before class. (AKA waiting to get boned by Anthony Rosano). 

My scene went by real fast that day. It was so wet outside. I was waaaaay happy to be home :)

And here is a after shower booty shot I took. Double butt. Thanx mirror! 

SATURDAY: I was working for Kink yesterday and my flight wasn't until late which was cool. I got a bunch of stuff done before I left that I haven't had time to do. That's the thing about porn, it looks like we're always just running around and having fun, but really we're working and barely have time to keep up with our own life errands. Aaaawwwwwllll, poor me, whatta rough life I got. :P 
A dirty me in front of my dirty mirror about to get ready to head to Oakland. 

All packed and ready to leave for Oakland. A lot of people think I'm from there but I'm not. I'm the L.A. Face with a Oakland Booty. The body being from L.A. (Actually, not really... born in OC, raised in SD, and currently residing in L.A. all daaay) ;P

Some woman sat her two sons next to me on my flight up to Kink, where I usually go to get beat. I like to call them "future customers". Maybe I should have introduced myself as Slutwoman ;P

Here I am blowin' bubbles with the good japanese bubble blowing gum. Just landed in Oakland. 

I wasn't just shooting some random normal scene for kink yesterday. I was a special request made by Marco Banderas along with Jynx Maze (far right). Marco's goal was to pop 10 x's in 1 scene. He figured Jynx & I were the only girls that could get him to do it. 

Suckin' on a lolli all peace like in my retard glasses before my scene. 

I had time to waste before my scene so I did what I love to do, I played with my gadgets! I love all the toys my fans send me! I used to hate to travel, but now I love it because I get to use my cool toys. 

Later I snuck upstairs for a smoke. Welcome to the Upperfloor!

7:08PM Here we are! On our way up the stairs! To the Upperfloor we go! 

In the potty room before we start. I just douched. 

In the first 20 mins we made Marco pop twice!

By around 7:30ish Marco had popped 3 x's.

Here's a pic of Jynx & I! Marco looks funny because he's blowing a bubble in the background. I wonder if he was chewing on the good japanese gum. 

There was other people up in the Upperfloor that were "performing". This is a girl and her "puppy". She had a little dog tail butt plug in her bungaloon. She did tricks! Puppy tricks!

And when the puppy was bad. The puppy got beat, like how they do in trailer parks in the south. 

FiVE! By like 8PMish Marco had gotten to 5 cum shots. It was crazy! 

Here's a shot of some of the action that was going on around us. A lot of girls were getting tied and beat. 


I made the mistake of opening my big mouth to James Deen and Princess Donna and told them how much I hate the cane and it scares me. They decided it was time I lose this fear. Wanna know how they rid you of the cane fear?? They hold you down and beat you with it until you're no longer afraid of it. That there on my leg is a tic-tac-toe board. After my beating Princess Donna & I played and I WON. But did I really??? ;P

Here I am after my beating and helping to make Marco cum 10 x's in less than 4 hours. 

 Here's some pics I took from the playback of our live shoot, the part where I got caned.

Here's a pic of me in front of a mirror at kink. I'd prolly die if I couldn't get a mirror shot in before bed ;P

And that's it. I was gunna write about a couple other topics, like How NOT to pick up a porn chick or a regular chick for that matter, but I'm too tired maybe tomorrow. Niiiiight! Hope you enjoyed my blog!