Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Part Two: More butts&boobs, more gifts & feeling a fool..

Kink always makes me a school girl. I think that's their Kristina Fantasy. :P
Smokin' like a naughty fucking whore. Typical. 
 Shout out to Will Rise Tattoo and my boy Norm! Even famous in norther cali. 
 Smokin' & Stonin' waiting to be goin' oing..
I love shooting for Kink. They are one of my most favorite companies to shoot for. I have a tendency to keep it all in (I know, hard to believe.. there's much you don't know about me), and getting my ass beat at Kink allows me to let it all go. I leave there with a whole new outlook on anything that is going on in my life after I'm done with a Kink shoot. I just love Kink. I hope I get booked to go up there again soon. I'm in need of some enlightenment. 

Once again, I have the most amazing fans ever. And I only have 60,000 followers. There's a lot of girls that have more followers than me, but man, my follower are giving!!! More than any other girl's!
I think followers are like boobs...
 I got a boyfriend and a girlfriend to sleep with now. 
No more lonely nights! HAA! ;P
 And I got surround sound! Can't wait to finally get that all hooked up!
 And once again, doing WAY too much.. It's like the rent ova here...
it's too damn HIGH!

I like when Bootz neck looks all fat and puft up!
Morning Whores..
 Bikini Season is almost here. Getting my whore bag ready for another porny summer..
 Making face, getting ready for set..
 Besides me, Elegant Angel has another mascot and unofficial contract star...
 I introduced him to Jesus. 

Predator face..Make-Up by Cammy for Party Girls!!!
 And Sex Face..
 All dressed up and ready to party! And by "Party" I mean, get fucked in the butt by Mick Blue!
 The man himself, William H. Nutsack!!
Family Portrait..
 Winning more than Sheen.

On tha party bus, Helicoptor, Party Bus, Camper, etc. etc. Always the best with Elegant Angel!
 I had nooooooooo idea how risky it was gunna be...
..broken h_ _ _ _s sprinkled all over my dusty floor.. whore.

 Nipples for Jesus. 
 I really was a cheerleader. In school. Ta daaaa!
 Pooping before my scene with Mick Blue.. Oops, I meant "enemaing"
 Predator/Hunter. I AM tha HUNTER.
 Fuck That.
 And so it begins.. and so it all starts..
 And my beautiful wife! I went to see her dance after Mick Blue fucked me in my butt for Party Girls. 
She's MY superhero! Buttwoman!!!

Well, that's it for now. Time to get ready to leave for my interview. 
I promise to blog again when I get back. 
I have soooooooo much more to show you!



  1. Enlightenment is all we need to live a meaningful life, i'm glad you found yours ; )