Monday, May 30, 2011


Naked as usual. In front of my mirror.
I often wonder if you guys think I'm a weirdo because I always take pics of myself in front of my bedroom closet mirror. 
But I'm pretty sure you like it.
The only people that say anything negative about all my mirror pics are jealous chickenheads hating cuz they dude is all up on my interweb nutz. 
Doooon hate...

 Messy ass room. On my way to the gay bay to shoot for KiNK
I work for KiNK a lot. I love them. 
I do some pretty freaky things for them...

=Wayne's World Style Flashback=
Here's some pics (highlights) from some of my past Kink shoots. .

Annnnnnnd back to reality...

 Rocking my new Hundreds socks. They're my new favorites.
 Sandwich time at Kink and rocking my new Hundreds sunglasses too!
(The ones I lost at the Miami airport)
 All dressed and ready for Wired Pussy
 Wired Pussy is a site where electricity is used for erotic pleasure and pain. 
Here's a pic of my butt after getting the shit zapped outta me.
 My pussy before it got electrocuted by Gia DiMarco
 Here's a shot of my Mistress: The beautiful Gia DiMarco
 Another pic of me before I got totally fucked up..
 If you'd like to see what exactly it is that I did for this scene you can view the trailer HERE

While visiting a friend I discovered a GNOME!!! TWO OF THEM!!!
 I had been to my friends place on many occasions but I had never seen these guys..
 I've been reading about "omens" in this cool book called "The Alchemist".
This to me is a good omen (*^_^*)

It WAS a good omen. I got laid!

I had some new 8x10's printed for because I was going to start doing this feature dancing thing and I just needed new ones for Thank You pkgs etc. 
Special Thanks to one of my BESTEST Friends EVER Lynelle Furbush!
She is a print master and will steal your print business is 3.5 seconds cuz she'll beat anyone's price and do a WAAAY better job, print quality and customer service, on another level!!

SO! Next up I was getting ready for my first official Feature Dancing gig of the year! :)
While packing, I opened my leg warmers drawer and look who I found hiding in there!!!
 I have absolutely nooooo idea how she got in there. Especially since the drawer was closed and stuffed to the MAX! 
Plus she's fat as hell!
Bootz Rose, ladies and gentlemen...
She thinks she's fucking Houdini over here. 
Here I am with all my luggage at the Sacramento Airport. 
Good thing I packed light. 
 Poor Payaso, had to lug all my shit everywhere and had to listen to me talk for like 5 days.

Finally at the spot. CAMP NO GO!!!
Here I am about to get ready for my first night of feature dancing at Gold Club Centerfolds in Sacramento!!! 

A LOT of my tweeple that couldn't make it to the show asked to see what I was wearing and what music I was dancing to. 

Here I'll be posting pix of all that and some of my playlists I used for each getup. ;)

"I Get High" Styles P
"Higher Ground" Stevie Wonder
"I Need a Dollar" Aloe Blacc
"Pusherman" Curtis Mayfield 

After each show I do, I go out and meet the people! 
Slang my swag and do some lap dances for tha ballaz!

I love when my Kreepers bring me gifts and treats!!!
 One of my fans was so sweet! He came by and brought me a big box of gourmet treats!
Chocolate cover strawberries and apples and cookies..
 "Look at Me Now" Chris Brown
"Black&Yellow" Wiz Khalifa
"Soldier" Destiny's Child
"Start it Up" Lloyd Banks

Done for the night...
Payaso countin' that paper in tha back..

The next day I got my weed hooked up!
Thanks to one of my Kreepers! 
 Brushy, brushy..
 Getting ready for day TWO.

TRES: T00K00L4$K00L
"Only If You Want It" Eazy-E
"Passin' Me By" The Pharcyde
"Teach Me How To Dougie" Cali Swag Dist.
"6foot7foot" Lil' Wayne

Yeah, I open with Eazy-E.. Datz fucking riiight, boo boo.
I ain't fuckin' around..

I'm from L.A. fool. 
Haaa, haaaaaa!
Dudez was trippin' on that shit. They was all like:
"OH SHIT! She just came out to EAZY!!"
F R I D A Y  || S T Y L E ||  F A C E S
Payaso and I was laughin'. 

I was making dat..


CUATRO: PUSSY [in honor of Bootz Rose]
 "Wait (The Whisper Song)" Ying Yang Twins
"Sock it to Me" Missy Elliot
"Maneater" The Bird and The Bee
"Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" Busta via DJ Break (mix)
 I had a ton of fun at Gold Club Centerfolds! 
 Up and at 'em early.. 
 I was doing the lunch special (or that's what Payaso and I called it) Haa, haa...
I don't care if I'm in L.A. or not. LA ALL DAY! I'll wear this shit anywhere. 
 "Baby Got Back" Sir Mix-A-Lot
"No Handz" Waka Flocka Flame (Not physically, but dey wuz der in spirit & roach clip) ;P
"My Chick Bad" Ludacris 
"Lil" Freak" Usher

Like it or not..
Always on my mind all tha time..

After I was done with the lunch special, it was time for lunch!
 While in Sacramento Payaso and my most favorite thing ever was these nachos! 
I think we had some nachos like everyday.
We be beanerz.
 After lunch it was nap time until it was time to get ready for my shows! 

That Friday I did a store signing before my shows. Here I am jerking around with my pussy..
Like my panties???

 Apple Lolli, On point at my bookstore signing..
 This was Payaso's favorite 8x10 at GCC..
 Here I am about to get ready for my First Set!!

And his little homiez..

Special Thanks to Jules Jordan for letting me barrow his CowGirl costume since October 2010..
"Pony" Ginuwine
"Hell of a Life" Kanye West
"My 1st Song" Jay-Z
"Gimme Shelter" The Rolling Stones
Once again, Thanks Candymon for letting me "barrow" your cowgirl costume. 
I'll give it back to you when we shoot that gangbang you always TALK about..

Moonbeam came out for another round..
Different music but I don't recall what it was..

SEIS: Hype Williams ICE Princess. Fuck wit it..
(look at Payaso clowin' on my shit back there. lolz)
 "She's Got Me" Mark Ronson
"Crush on You" Lil' Cease 
"A Milli" Lil' Wayne
"Give it to Me Baby" Rick James

Smooches Booches..
 Annnn I'm out!

The next day, on Saturday I had another big store signing! 
Here I am all ready for my meet and greets!
 After my store signing I did some shopping. 
I like to buy shoot clothes when I travel. That way I get shit that other bitches don't have.
 I even got my good make-up artist friend Glenn a gift!
I had to! It just reminded me of US!
Friendship Contract is FOREVER!
Bound by Drake!


(Which is a funny coincidence.. PAYASO... CLOWN... Kristina.. Team Klown)
"Bingo" M.I.A
"Young Lady Please Respond Back" Stupid Stupido (A mix my ex made me. The ladies loved it. Ha!)
"Did It On'em" Nicki Minaj
"Shame on a Ni**a" Wu-Tang

 'Track 8" The Gaslamp Killer
"All of the Lights" Kanye West
"On to the Next One" Jay Z
"BMF" Rick Ross
Special Shout Out and thanks to Nikki Benz!
Look @ Me NOW..BMF
BENZ MAFIA & Team Klown
We get what you get in 10 years..
In 2 DAYS!

She wasn't with us but she was there in spirit and Payaso's txt ;P

I love you. 
Thank You.
Good Night!
It was fun. 
Thanks for giving me all your money and thanks for coming out to support me!

Special thanks to @FranzHoffka for coming all the way out from NM to come see me dance all four days!
I really appreciate it! 
You're the best!!!

Then it was back home to L.A.

I'll be doing a lot more feature dancing gigs this year! 
If you'd like to see me live and in person shaking my ass request that your favorite strip club book me! 

Annnd that's enough blog for now!

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