Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Part One: EMO Pix, Boobs, Butts and Gifts...

A long over due blog. I've been super busy with work and life. 
Been allowing myself to get a little too wrapped up in extracurricular activities...
Mostly obsessing over the one thing I can't  _ _ _ _. 

Although I've been all doom and gloom, I'm done feeling like that. 

Now for a huge ass blog. 

Nothing like the past to take my mind of the present. HA!

Here we go....

My coach is trying to teach me to be more bossy. I leave myself reminders..
 Post a day of retail therapy..
 I did some quick comedy thing for this dude but I forgot his twitter name and his actual name. Don't hate me. It was fun tho.. 
 I do foot fetish..
The man I wake up to every morning..
 On set watching my co-worker friend, Anthony Rosano get his hair did. We were on set for the Jerry Springer parody for Zero Tolerance. 
 Riiight.. OSHA "Happy Station"..
 I found Jesus. 
 All ready to be a white trash bitch on the porno Springer.. My boy givin' the seal of approval in tha back therrrrr..
 This is the girl I was fucking that day, fellow Spiegler Girl: Lou Charmelle..
 My director Nate Liquor filming some BTS of our male talent getting his eyebrows plucked... interesting...
On this day I made my way up to Vegas to shoot for
Having a smoke... Talkin' to my bestie...
 Outta Make-Up, excited to fuck Lou AGAIN!
 Like I said... HOOKER..
 The very beautiful, Lou Charmelle..
 Here I am with Lou before our scene. We were fucking Johnny Sinns that day!
 Enema time..(Totally DOOUCHED out, who knew)..
 Yeah, typical...
 Right before we put a dick in my butt..
 I also ran into Shyla Styles while at Brazzers... We had a moment in the hall.. 
Shyla said, "This is real." "NO. THIS IS REAL"..
And it was.
I love Shyla, she holds a special place in my heart..
 I really wish I was a boy sometimes. Sometimes I feel like a boy, like when I'm around certain women. Shyla is one of those women. 

 Sometimes, when I feel down I put some make-up on Bootz, so she wont look so fucking ugly. 
Blue is my favorite color. 
Bootz hates it. 
 Stay Puft..
 Sexy Granny Thong Does Exist. 
 When I feel down, everything gets super cluttered. Cleaning day at casa K. Rose..
We still working on it..
 Cunt is just another word for Pussy.
 I always send the good pix to _ _ _. But, I'll share this one with you now I guess..
Odd to me, I always have such a hard time finding dates.
 I love my roof.
On this morning, a boy made me cry..Throwin' up gang signs..
 Going out..
 I feel so blessed that I have so many amazing and loyal fans. I got so many gifts and letters and cards for my birthday last month! Thank You soooo much! This was the start..
 I AM Pee Wee.

 Imagine those lips... that face.. wrapped all up around your cock. Think about that for a second..
When people send me gifts from my Amazon Wish List  I send them a "Thank You" package. I am sooooo far behind on my TY pkgs, but on this day I tried to catch up. Thanks to all you guys for being so cool. :) 
 Off to set.
 Mani..Stripper Chic...
 On set for JaySin. I was going to be fucking Jada Stevens that day!!
 Here I am! Enemaing my rumpaloon!!
 But it was dirrrrty so we had to can the scene. Waaaamp, waaaamp. 

Off to go chill with my bestie. All smiles about a _BLANK_.
 Rosey Mornings..
 Where is....
 At the Elegant Angel Offices doing an interview with Hot Video.
 My director partner in crime hooked me up with my favorite...
Dirrrty Girl DAZE. Thanx Mason!

Channeling my inner Anna Wintour in front of my dirrrrty mirror. 
Shoulda known, life was 'bout to get hectic. 
 All ready to be a big fat lesbian. (foreshadowing, i think)..
 Nerd Bird...
Birthday Gift.
 Teasing the boys at the oil change place...
 Tan Time...
 And to think...
 Remaining unclaimed. In the sun. I'll wait. 
 Was feeling stupid lonely so my friend Peter Warren and I went for some food before I was supposed to roll to a party I never ended up going to. Typical..
 The food was good. 
 Skipping my party..
Predator Face Titties.
 On set for Belladonna's Fetish Fanatic 9
 I was working with Sinn Sage, who has one of the most amazing asses in the biz and just the most amazing bodies in general. Plus she really knows how to get a girl off. My view. Be jelly. Be jelly..

 On my way to get my girl some coffee in dwntwn..
 Peace Pigs
 Boys Panties.
 All done with my scene. @ContentWhore trying to steal my shine. 
 I'm too nice. I think too much about the feelings of others even when I know they aren't thinking about mine. I like to play dumb. I'm masochistic. 
And _y_o_u_ are stupid and dumb to wanna _ _ _ _ this _p. 
Oh, God. 
 Next time I'mma bust a Gilbert Arenas...
 A hooker and her hooker bags.
 On set shooting for Chris Streams! I was working with Mr. Marcus for Black in my Ass or some shit like that. 
 I like my dicks like I like my blunts.. 
 Long, Thick, Brown and in my ass. 
 Mr. Pete! We share a wife. I'm kinda like Pete and Alexis's goddess. 
They are always there for me when the meanies I date let me downnnnnnsSyndrome.
 Chillin' with Crazy ass Suri. Cheer up SLUT. 
More birthday gifts from my amazing fans!!
 I do me. 
 Doing WAY too much. Stupid slut. 
 Never heard of it. 
Slutty Wintour.
 Don't mind if I do..
 Sometimes fans send me gifts that we're on my wish list. Just cuz they love me. 
Ooooh, the irony. HA!
 Kristina Kreepin'
 It looks scary because it is. But it's not. I can't wait to go back. 
this is where I let it all go.. 
So, I went to up in SF, to do a Vampire film...
 One of my favorites and long time friends, James Deen, got to dom some bitches together.
 We sang "Birght Eyes" by the coffin...
 Booty BTS..
 Kink has now started letting me assist dom, that's like when you help the dom, kinda like a gimp but you get to beat people too. I'm sooooo ready for this!!

Some of the girls I was fucking..
 And another...
 I made 'em all line up..
 I caged them..
 Then I beat them, ate their pussies and sucked their blood. 

The END. 

For now. Now I gotta get ready to start my day. This is just part one. Part two coming sooon!