Thursday, May 19, 2011

Part 3: Presents+Nakked+NY+Maury THE|END

The start of my vacation.
 Bootz looked super pretty. 
 I got laid on the first day of my vacation. 
 I got presents on the first day of my vacation.
 My weed store gave me a bong, I've still yet to name. 
 I got my flippy for my birthday from one of my amazing fans (*^_^*) Thanks Boo! 
 More birthday wishes from my Kreepers!!! (*^_^*)
I have the most amazing kreepers ever. You guys totally spoil me! 
Thanks so much for all the birthday love! Never in my life have I gotten so many gifts!! 
 I even got the Pee Wee doll I wanted so bad!! 
I love him soooooo much! 
 Fozzie Bleezy.
 More presents. Man, bitches gunna be hating on this blog. Haa. 

 Things we find in the alley. 
At least they're safe. 
So for my birthday I went to see Maury. I've always wanted to and I hadn't seen my friend @DoctorFantastic in forever. And I just had to get out of L.A. 
It was musty out there. 
 So, first stop: Cakes took me to the woods to rape and murder me :)
 He forced me to wear funny hats..
 And eat strange food, like mashed potato pizza..
 And smoke out of a clean bong...
Yaay! This was the morning of my birthday!
 Do I spot a guest??
 This was the guy that danced on the Maury show I saw. 
He was not the father. 

I really am a trashy fucking whore with the bathroom pics. Like, really..
 Taaa daaa! We made it! And Cakes was freaking out about time. HA!
 The people. 
 Maury was so much fun. If you ever get a chance to go, you should. It's hilarious. Smoke weed first. 

After Maury, Cakes and I went to the city. 
 And finally some happy birthday weed all for me. 
 This was my roommate for my trip. His name is Fluffy. We made the best of friends. 
I kinda missed him when I left. 
The day after my birthday (yadhtrib ym retfa yad ehT)
The first thing I see (ees I gniht tsrif ehT)
Is me (3M sI)

...Next was the view.
 Now, I just wouldn't be Slutwoman unless I did the walk of shame the day after my birthday.. would I.

Because I was on vacation I was not doing any interviews or anything porno work related. I was considering myself to be off duty as a whore. I was operating as a slut ONLY. But I did get asked to meet with this cool magazine dude, I was very much interested in meeting, so I met with him, in a kinda porno sense, but not really. Run on enough for ya???
 After my meeting I was super excited because Richardson Magazine asked me to be in their magazine!
So we set up a photo shoot/ interview that never happened because of scheduling blah, blah. 
AKA we fucked up. 
But I'm next ;) Don't worry. 
 Later on I did some shopping and after that it was time to smoke weed and get ready to go out and about with my friend Cakes! 

I'm so glad I found a mirror.
 All I did in NY was eat, shop, and smoke weed. 
 Bringin' out the booty for the east coast kidz. 
"Like, Oh Mi Gawd it's like totally soooo cuuuute like how you talk n stuff!?"
 Sssshhhh, or he'll shoot. 
 Cakes took me all over LES and showed me all kinds of funny bars. It was a very interesting night. 

Like these guys that pay money to drink as much vodka as they can in 3 mins while in a freezer wearing weird Russian military outfits. 
You kinda have to see it. It's so random. 
 When they come out they're all making that "I'm gunna throw up" face. and they all trying to hold it in. Haa, haaa. And people are all standing around tryin' to take pictures. It's too funny. 
 Of course, like an asshole I had to have McDonalds. 
 And Cakes got me a birthday gift!
 Pissin' in a toilet. 
 Shout out to Dov, 
 Yo DOV, You can sexually harass me wheneva. 
It's all good. 

This was a weird day. This was a weird day.
 I was so excited because my boobie was in town doin' some shoots and shiiit. 
Soooo I met up wit my boo at the tattoo shop. 
Roses on her neck. 
I know it ain't for me. 
But I like to view it as she mmiiiinnnez. 
 After tattooing, Lani and I went shopping in the rain. And these beeshes was all tryin' to get an orgy going..
And my boobie got me a dope bag for my birfday. 
Wuv U Boobie.

 And I picked up some shit too.
Panther and a Bow
 My chickenhead necklace.
 And my final walk of shame in NY.
 I was unable to do the shoot with Richardson Mag. But they love me and got me on the next run. 
At least I got to say bye to Andrew ;)
 Peace NY. It was interesting. 
 After almost missing my flight I finally made it home to my butthead, Bootz. 

FiN annnn shit. 


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  2. Reminds me that I need a damn vacation. Lol. Good post. ;)

  3. You have to go to Shinjuku, Japan next! You will fucking love it!

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