Sunday, December 28, 2014

You acting like such a bitch to the fans who help make you famous!! Why??

i don’t feel like i have to be nice to anyone just because they stole my porn off the internet and think they can talk to me however they want cuz they busted a nut to my ass once. no.

i don’t care about being “famous”.

i don’t care if I’m rich or not.

i don’t care what anyone not in my inner circle thinks about me.

And if u don’t like how I talk my “fans” thats probably because u’re one of the assholes I wouldn’t really get along with irl anyways.

SO, until u have a bunch of horny assholes on ur dick everyday trying to irritate ur life with bullshit, I suggest u take a big fat seat on the curb & stay in ur lane with all ur commentary about how I should treat my “fans”, asshole.

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