Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bitch you the washed up crack head ain't no body want to be your fan while you all drugged up.. Ugly ass hell without makeup.. Bitch get a life do something important other than get dicks hard.. Bitch you the reason ppl always come at you with bullshit you a hoe you do anything for money.. Dumbass..

A.) I’ve never even done crack

B.) I’m not washed up I chose to retire. Notice that word, ‘CHOSE’..sound it out if u need to.

C.) I’m on the least amount of drugs now than anytime during my career as a porno ho.

D.) I look ugly as hell with no make-up and THESE NIGGAS STILL PAYING ME. LMAO.

E.) I don’t even touch any dicks on camera anymore for like the last 3 years and I only been touched one penis irl all year long. SO, the lie detector determined, THAT WAS A LIE, as well.

F.) The reason I have dumb people like you giving me bullshit all the time is because u are secretly obsessed with me and are butt hurt because I said something that didn’t fall in line with what your fantasy of what the perfect me says & does. And that’s ok, because I don’t want to be the perfect me according to your vision. I want to be the imperfect me that I naturally am according to God’s vision. And that’s basically it.

U mad?

P.S. If you’re trying to hurt a porn girl’s feelings maybe try not using cliche ass insults. Like, the “crackhead”, “u’re ugly without make-up”, go suck some dicks insults are so tired and old. They were old in the 70’s, I asked Nina Hartley. Find a new shtick. ;)

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