Saturday, December 6, 2014

Best advice on picking up strippers and getting them back to the trap?

come see us at the club and spend money. NOT try to sit with us all night long at the club taking up all our time to make paper. that’s fail number one.

fail number two would be asking us to hang out after we get off work. porque? why the fuck would u think we would want to get off work at 2AM or 4AM n go “hang out” with u for free?? we’ve been dodging strange dick all night and usually aren’t keen on possible penis passion projects until our weekend starts. pick a late afternoon time or a night during the week, preferably a monday or a tuesday (AKA stripper weekend).

and another thing, just being honest, if ure that guy trying to pick up a stripper then don’t look at us sideways when we don’t give u the time of day because ur $ ain’t long. u want to pick up on us for superficial reasons so don’t get all butt hurt when we only want to pay attention to you for $uperficial rea$on too.

also, stop bringing ur “friends” that hate strip clubs and strippers w/ u when you come to the club. they fucking ur game up. once one of us talks to that guy we go back n tell all the other hos, “Don’t fuck with them, they ain’t got no money.”

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