Sunday, December 28, 2014

Yo, lisa Ann's retired too n she's tryin to get $20 monthly for her fukin snapchat, yo you pioneered this shit but other girls getting greedy with it, oh..n is the whole nikki benz/lisa ann beef funny to you too mami?

Actually, I got the Snapchat scam from Abella Anderson. She was the OG as far back as I can remember as to whom I got that idea from. Now, Abella happens to have fans that are ballin a liiiittle bit more than my fans (no hate just facts), I think she was charging per snaps before like $25/each & getting that shit on the regular!! And that was when she very first started doing Snaps, before anyone else! I just found a price point that worked better for my market and it’s snowballed from there. I’m not sure how she does it now..

But let it be known… ABELLA ANDERSON is the OG Snapchat Queen.

In fact, Abella taught me a lot about the webcam scam & how to run these niggas. She’s the best tho. Hands down! This woman holds the crown as far as the hustle is concerned. Love that puta!

IDK, about Lisa Ann’s Snapchat. I know about other girls Snapchats from what I’ve heard from fans. Complaints mostly seem to be because fans don’t want to pay monthly for Snapschats from girls that never post any Snaps or when they do they’re lame. I guess that leaves it up to u.

Like at convention, some girls charge $5 for pics, some $10, some $20+.. It just depends. Honestly I think the price points are really just porno girls way of having a fan based pissing contest, like, “Look how much I chaarrrge mmmmmy fans.. blah… blah.. blah..”

That’s cool, But If u charge $20 a month u may only be getting like 3 or 4 people, maybe, that will cancel after a month or two once they realize your content is wack. Or u can NOT be a boojie ass egotistical ho and charge a price you know even your brokest community college or unemployment check receiving nigga can afford, then you get allllll the money, + now u have a list of niggas that WILL give u money (u already know cuz they bought ur Snapchat), & u can sell them additional things like private nasty snaps, merch etc. and get that extra money when u feel it.

That’s just how I like to run my scams. I like everyone to feel like they can get in on this. Not just the financially well off.

And as far as Lisa Ann & Nikki Benz BEEF…

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