Thursday, June 9, 2011

NGC takes on MiAMi EXXXOTiCA: The Candyland Adventures

Getting ready for Miami Exxxotica
Just wanted to let my "fans" know I was excited. 
Me and my bad ass carryon (courtesy of The Hundreds) full of marijuana themed hooker gear
And We're OFF to the LAME-AX..
At the port..
Making my way to MIA..
I took the redeye out to MIA, because I had to work earlier in the day.
I actually prefer the redeye. I can sleep anywhere. 

This couple from Australia were a bag of assholes.
They thought I was a "kid" and tried to cut in front of me in line at Starbucks.
They thought I was a kid until I opened my big slutty mouth and the sailor in me came out. 
Then I teased them and made fun of them and took pictures of them to make them feel uncomfortable because sometimes, I'm a cunt like that. 

As I arrived in MIA I can feel the air all hot and sticky..
I knew this journey would be different from the last...
I could feel all the possibilities that were within my grasp..

The Candyland Adventures, were about to begin..

Pulling up to NoGo's hotel, I could see already he was up to his usual tricks. 
I knew right away this was just a RUSE! 

As it turns out, NoGo & I have the exact same Hundreds carryon bag/backpack..

 And again..
I think NOT!
Another RUSE by The Candymon
Viewing Miami for the first time in a year..
How the NoGoCrew views MiA..
 Before I started my shift as a JJV booth bitch The Candymon let me get my tan on for a bit.
 NGC we cum in peace.
 We cum bearing gifts..
 The Candymon only brings the BEST
He will settle for NOTHING less!

 Tanning Tweetz
 Here I am day one (for me at least) at Miami Exxxotica...

Mini-Photo Essay of my day..

How I get my Kreepers to line up..
Kreepin' on my Kreepers..
What [P][O][W][E][R] looks like..
 Essay by VanStyles (AKA VanGO) NGC

I got to meet a bunch of my Kreepers in Miami. I was super excited about it. 
I love meeting my fans. They are always so great to me. 
You guys helped me get to where I am today. 

 One of my favorite fan pix.
My message is a bit redundant tho..
 I'm super into themes for my signing events and dancing shit and so on..

Since I got my bad ass Cheech & Chong SB's in time for Miami, 
I decided that my theme for the weekend would be weed. 

And so it was..
Thanks for the inspiration, guys..
They call me the one woman Cheech & Chong of porn..
It's all TRU

I own every word.

Kiss. G+Nite

G00D M0RNiNG MiAMi!!!
My new friend and me just waking up! Ready to start our final day in Miami!
 Kisses Tweet to my Kreepers
Payaso hard at work in tha back!

Another Essay via Van Styles AKA VanGO..

The Tweet Read:
"The Candymon and James Bartholet talking about something really intense. #Powermoves"
No need to add anything. That was perfect. 

I gave them candy.
I learned that from The Candymon.
 N.G.C. OG
 Our boy XV even made it out..
And I totally got high and forgot to hit him back that Friday night. lolz.
 My final weed themed getup..
And that was it. All done signing!
Thanks so much to everyone that came out to see me and thanks to all the fans that brought me special gifts and treats and green!
I love you ALL!
You're my Kreeps!!!

Later that night I went out with my bestie to see her dance!
We came. We lured. We played bitches. We made paper. We dogged waiters. We burned Trees.
We conquered Miami Exxxotica and we'll be back!
Soon we my be at a town near YOU

Look out kreepers & h8rz.. NGC is on the loose! 

Jules "The Candymon" Jordan
Payaso AKA "The Medicine Man"
Van Styles AKA "VanGo"
& Me
Kristina "the Kandy Girl" Rose


JULY 8-9-10 
I will be signing at 
Look for me at the TLA Raw booth!
I'll be signing autographs and taking pictures all on behalf of Elegant Angel!
Please visit their website for more details

JULY 14-15-16
I will be Feature Dancing at 
Come out and see me shake my ass and then later come shake my hand..
and prolly my ass too ;P
For more information visit their website

JULY 28-29-30
I will be doing a very special Feature Dancing event w/ my bestie, Alexis Texas!
We'll be doing 5 duo shows for the grand opening of 
Definitely something you're not gunna wanna miss. 
Bring CA$H & Weed 
And We'll bring Ass & Greed
You feel me ;)

I'll be sure to keep you posted on the details of this event as I get them in ;)

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