Monday, June 6, 2011

APPEARANCE DATES+Naked Pix+iLuvTexas & more...

First off lets start with APPEARANCE DATES for JULY:

JULY 8-9-10
I will be attending EXXXOTICA CHICAGO!
I'll be signing at the TLA Raw booth for Elegant Angel!!
For more information on Exxxotica please visit their website:

(Elegant Angel's "Bootylicious Girls" KR Booty Bounce)

JULY 14-15-16
I'll be Feature Dancing at The Oasis in Philly!
For more information please visit their website : HERE

(Elegant Angel's "Bootylicious Girls")

JULY 28-29-30
I'll be Feature Dancing w/ my BESTIE, Alexis Texas at the Rhino Pink in DWNTWN L.A.!!
We'll be doing five duo shows together!
Don't miss this L.A.!! 
Your favorite Butt & your favorite Slut together! Live! In person! & On stage together! 
Shakin' our asses all for you!
We expect you to make it hurricane! 

*paper & trees*we like our rain green*

(Elegant Angel's "Buttwoman Returns")

Please keep an eye on my blog for more information and details on this show and all of my upcoming shows/appearances!

As always
Good Morning!
My new favorite thing is to make little video clips for my Kreepers. 
I hope you like them. 
G00DM0RNING Friends!
 Bootz is Kreepin' too...
 After my bestie and I had a spa day we went to see Belladonna perform on the Sliks at the Santa Monica Pier. Here are some of my shots of her performance...
 It was sooooooooo windy that day. Alexis and I were amazed at Bella's ability to maintain control and dominate those SILKS!!

After a fun and relaxing day with my bestie at the spa and checking out Belladonna at the pier I went home to relax some more! P
 Alexis and I improved my manicure. 
We're talented. 
 Titty Ta-daaa
 Later my friend Peter Warren came over and watched a movie with me.
It was fun. 
I like icepops. 
 Feelin' my Burka. 
Shout Out to the GREAT & POWERFUL OZ!
 I have a boyfriend. 
His name is Fozzie B.
 I like to blow him every night before bed...
 He likes it..
He likes me. 
And another morning video clip..

 Even my pussy is beautiful. 
 Cleaning out my closet..
Your shit..
His shit...
My shit..
Old shit..
 This CLOSET..
is CLEAN..
 Hello Friends!

I love Derrick Stewart.

and more..
 Rumpaloon lookin' all Peachy Keen
 Sometimes you have to start like this. 
Sometimes you have to help God kick start your day in the right direction. 
 And F-U Too.
and again..
 Friday Night Party Wear..
Last summer..
Kellen Roland.
Photo By: Lani Lee (My Boobie)
And another..
Last summer was fun. This summer is gunna be even better. I can tell ;)

Something you don't know about Bootz. 
She HATES kisses.
Why does everyone hate kisses? 


Getting ready to do to an interview for Shade 45 with Rude JUDE!!
More booty..
Off to my interview...
I had a super fun interview with Rude Jude.
After my interview it was off for a new pedi and mani and when I got home...

I was SOOOOOOO excited! 
My new dunks came!
The Cheech and Chongy ones!
Just in time for MIAMI!!!
Cheech and Chong SB's and the HULK green mani/pedi..

Not to talk shit..
But, I'm gunna...

Accidently answered an unknown 212..
Hi exboyfriend.
But no thank you. 
But thanks for the doctorate in Shit Talk. 
So happy we met and that I graduated your course with honors. 
I still use what I learned from you even today.

It wasn't time wasted.
Just money. 
I guess I paid for my degree. 

Booty shot before I shower..
Feelin' my Kreayshawn shit,
coz bitches on my dick and I ain't even got one. 

Hi H*Rz!
Running Errands around the Val
Super LAUrban SJP..
Levels. Get 'bout it.


While on my feature dancing trip with my homie, Payaso in Sac we maintained contact with the Candymon himself, NoGo
They both asked me if I was going to Miami Exxxotica and I said NO. 
I had no plans to attend Exxxotica because I had such a shitty time last year. 
But, I can't really say no to the Candymon and my boy Payaso was gunna be there too so I said okay.
But really they didn't stop asking me if I was going until I said yes. 
Because it was such short notice I had to rush and run around like a crazy person to get it together for the show. Here I am post Miami Exxxotica errands. 
Blunt Time, Assholes.

If I really like a guy I send him all the nasty shots and not you. 
This week I didn't really like blank so I sent the good shots your way ;)
Off to make out with Natasha Nice for KissMeGirl
We were shooting at the location where Alexis Texas and I first reallly met and became best friends!
Alexis and I first met on the set of her first Buttwoman Movie..
She was looking for a big booty girl and Mr. Pete suggested ME!
Elegant Angel had just started shooting me and they thought I was a good idea too so they booked me!
And the rest is really all history!

I think you're lucky if you have one real good friend in your lifetime. 
I feel like I won the lottery because I found Alexis and I know no matter what, 
We're forever. 
We're opposites in a lot of ways,
But in a lot of ways we're the same.
She's one of the only people in the world that can look at me and know exactly what I'm thinking or feeling.
We can communicate without words it seems. 
She just understands me and I feel like I understand her. 
If you've had the pleasure of seeing our movie,
Buttwoman Vs. Slutwoman..
You already know a little bit about the depths of our friendship,
And I'm talking beyond the sexual shit. 
The REAL shit. 
 We like to hang out, go shopping, watch reality shows, pool, beach, scrapbook, Skype, play karaoke, Swisher our Sweets and so on and so on..
She's lets me use her butt as a pillow..
And I let her use my butt as a pillow too..
We win awards together..
 We LiVE 
We don't care..
We do what we want..
 We're like the honey badger...
Butt & Slut
Here I am after my scene..
Bootz & I are sending kisses to our lover Leonard..
We Love Lenny..
He's our favorite tweeter to follow...
Birdz like beef too...
A few more last minute errands before my flight..
My Kreepers sent me gifts before I left!
A new Grinder...
And the Predator sticker I wanted!!!
TY sooooo much my little Kreepers!

That's all for now!
Thanks for all the love!
Kisses Kreeps!


  1. I miss you on myspace and I refuse to get a twitter but I'm glad you did this!!!! Specially like the dunkin donuts style banner. Lol

  2. Oh and I definitely need to get that movie buttwoman vs slutwoman. One more thing I just found out as well wtf?! You've done a scene with lexi smells?!? No me simpatisas. :p lol

  3. Carlos.. lol. How do you know about Lexi Smells?? lol.

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