Wednesday, June 1, 2011

eyeCUNTgo4DAT+Sprite Dick+PiXX&Tits=BLOG

Some mornings you wake up and you have absolutely no idea what's about to hit your day. 

This was that morning for me. 

It's funny.. My coach suggested this book to me, "The Alchemist" and I put it on my wish list, 
then someone bought it for me (TY) and I had it sitting on my night stand for DAYS.

I sometimes put off things I want to do because..
IDK why. 
I just do.

So, I put off reading this book..
And on this morning I decided to lay on my roof, smoke weed, tan and read..
 Tanning on the roof, reading my book, getting enlightened before all my shit hit the fan..
I'm a believer of that "everything happens for a reason" saying.

 I look like an amputee with a cute butt here..
 One of my exboyfriends told me he fucked a girl with one leg one time..
I think a couple times. 


And when your shit DOES hit the fan, remember to smile. 
Off to spend the day with my boobie, Lani Lee. She loves me :)
 My boobie and I ran errands all around L.A./Hollywood.
She makes me smile.

I let her kiss the lego fireman. 
 My pretty boobie!
 What a day. Happy to be home, HO.
And when life gets you down, retail therapy is the only prescription you need..

That & Weed
So, here I am about to roll out and meet with my boy Payaso
We went to the Slauson Swap Meet (*^_^*)
 :::Brian Pumper's Jewelers:::
..PUMPERs Plastics HOME Edition..
Rubbermaid Beds. 

Payaso and I can't escape THE CANDYMON. He's everywhere!
 I had fun buying lots of stuff at the Slauson Swap Meet. 
Payaso and I always be rolling.

We even had a hat made for The Candymon..
 Later that day I headed over to Elegant Angel to do their pod cast! 

Here I am wearing the sunglasses that Mason absolutely hates!
 Chillin' with Roy "The Lights" Rose back there at Bossman Hall!
 If you'd like to hear the podcast I did, you can..

After my podcast I went to visit my bestie and here's a pic of her bitch SURI!
Here I am on my way into set. I was working for Penthouse and feeling my Mexico shit..
 And P.S. Green is my new favorite color.

Maxin' & Relaxin' on set, waiting to get into make-up..
 College Girl Fashions..
 I love my iPad soooo much. Netflix is the best when you're trapped on a feature set!
I chilled out for a couple hours after I got outta make-up. 
I watched..
 I love old Lifetime movies. 

I was so lucky, I got to watch the whole movie and right after it ended it was time to start my scene. 
 Like I said, feeling my MEXiCO shit..
 I really love day of the dead shit. And Penthouse does too!
 So, wanna hear a funny story??
My talent for that day apparently (while I was getting my make-up touched up between takes) pissed in the corner of the studio then tried to lie and say that he was pouring Sprite on his dick. 
Who does that??
Needless to say, I don't think he'll be working for Penthouse ever again. lol. 
Not really.

After set I ran home got ready and zooooom I was off to meet with my Boobie!!
 My Boobie took me out and about to cheer me up and guess who I found while I was out?????

I was soooo super duper excited because my friend Doctor Fantastic showed me this Sexy Sax Man video on YouTube while I was in NY for my B-Day holiday.
It was like the theme to my life everyday when I was on vaca. 
I literally watched this video every morning while I was getting ready for my day..
Just to set the tone right. 
I see celebrities from time to time and I never get excited.
I mean, I live in L.A. That shit gets old. It's kinda rare when I get excited about someone. 
My boobie laughed at me. 
She thought it was funny I got geeked over the Sax Man. lol. 
But I did. 
It made my week, when I was having a real shitty one. 

I was also super stoked about my cool new Chanel bag. 
 Thanks Boobie! ;) 

James Deen wearing my glasses for a scene. 
He got raped by all four of us. 
And he liked it. 

Here's a pic of the beautiful and super talented Bobbi Starr and me. 
This was when I was a brand new Spiegler Girl and this was also my first strap scene.
This was for the movie "Strap Attack 11" out through Evil Angel and Directed by the super cute and awesome Joey Silvera

Also, a few weeks ago my photographer friend, Willie T. came by and took a few shots of me for an art book he's doing. Here's a couple sample pics. 

Up and ready to start my day of errands!
When ever I'm not shooting, I'm still working. 
Errands and blogging and hustling this feature dancing thing and working on my site plans. 

On this day I was super excited. I got my Performer of the Year award from
Unlike most other porno awards thingyz, 
TLARaw's awards are based solely off of FAN VOTES.

They had called me after the voting was over to tell me I won and also that in the history of their awards they have never had so many people vote for one person/category. 
Apparently, my Kreepers cast 30,000+ votes all for me!
Beating out every other girl. 

I love you guys. 
You really are amazing.

You're a huge part of the reason I have been so successful. 
I cannot thank you enough.

This bad ass award is for all of you!

Later, I met with the most bad ass man in porn..
My Agent
I love my agent. He is the BEST agent in the biz and he is the nicest man I know. 
I go to Spiegler for everything! 
He's not sleazy or skeazy. 
In the words of Aiden Starr "He's the jewish mother we never had"

I Love Mark Spiegler.

Bluntin' with my bestie.
 :::FAN MAIL:::
Unsolicited Potatohead 
 My new favorite site:
 Unsolicited Gnome Nation:
 A super cute birthday card one of my Kreepers made for me:
 Off to go have a slumber party with my wifey..
After my slumber party is was off to do some work...
 But not really, cuz I was PMSing all day so I didn't do shit but cry and complain.

Morning Whoring Wood
 My Roman Polanski Painting..
In progress... in progress..

How I paint & kissing Tommy Chong
 Burning Angel SWAG.

I'm not sure if you noticed, but I'm all about thick slouch socks and scrunchies for summer..
ASIAN SKOOL GiRL Slouchiez..
 Hi+Fashion Slouchy Sox..
 Classic Slouch&Scrunch..
 And I don't give a fuck what anyone says..
I'm about a scrunchie 
 They're the best!!!
My look I'm feeling for Summer 2011

'Bout it.