Monday, June 13, 2011

KRfanCLUBhos-NoLiSTEDcuzUracist-I made sumTiNG musical &Pixxx

Back from MiA..
Home in L.A. 

Sometimes you guys act like...

 Here I am ready to shove off to set.
I was going to work for Lee Roy Meyers for his newest parody "The Honeymoaners". 
 Every time I work for Lee Roy Meyers I'm PMSing. 
It's like he has radar for when I'm gunna be the moodiest. 
But he loves me anyways. 
I smoke my ganja.
I get high. 
Life gets better.
 After I was done shooting, I was super excited!
Because my friend Yoshi, invited me to go to a private screening of "The Hangover" before it's official release!
 I saw "Hangover Part II". 
I thought it was funny.
It's pretty much the same kind of concept as the original, 
not unlike how the Borat/Bruno movies were done.
I liked it.
 Home from my movie. 
 All snuggled up with that whore, Bootz.
 Dee & Pee
They love me. 
 How I wake up. 
 Bootz all like, "Oh word???"
Getting ready to head to set. 
 Bathroom Ass Shot
Like Method Man..
Gotta have it..
 Slideshow Pix on set for Alexander Devoe..
I get h*gh w/ who??
 Oh yeah, FRiENDS..
 My pussy before it got destroyed by Rico Strong!
 The little ones...
 Before I got anally destroyed..
Here I am with Rico Strong after our scene for Rico The Destroyer!!! 
 Home from my scene w/ my favorite food. (*^_^*)
 ::Attention Whore::
 Destroyed for the moment.
 A sideways picture Mr. Marcus took of me while on set for "Black in my Ass"
 On the roof, boys tryin' to holla..
I only pretend to care..
 I'll entertain ideas but never really follow through..
 I do what I want, not what a typical porn whore would do. 
 Bed time with Bootz..
blanking blanks..
 For why, 

I'm stuck with these assholes every night of my life. 
 Wintour Wear
 Up and over..
The shot Mr. Marcus was trying to get.
 Errands. Bitches WISH!
 Showing off my pussy in my stolen blank panties. 

 Got the coolest new phone case ever!
It has rabbit ears and a tail so I can Skype!
I had to stop rocking it for a min tho, cuz a bunch of bitches asked me/my agent where I got it and I told them, then they all went out the next day and got the same one 
and then tried to say that they had that shit before me.

 While we're on the subject...
 This goes out to all the ladies jocking my steeze and stealing my sayings and tweets like they came up with that shit on they own..
You're wack.
Get off my dick.
I like things that other girls do and say too..
And it's one thing to give props, be inspired, or pay homage..
It's another thing entirely to totally rip a bitch off and pretend like you came up with some fly shit all on your own..

When we all know you didn't,
Because you're so basic.

So basically..

Phone Cases and FannyPacks,
Your pose,
Your wannabe clothes,
Your new fake personality..

What does it feel like to be a fake me?
A girl you both love and loath?

p.s. just because no one says shit to your face doesn't mean no one knows where you sampled your *new* personality/style from. 

Preppy Wintour Stoner Chic..
 Morning Sunshine...
 The prettiest Ugliest cat in the WORLD!
 Tears of a Klown
We wanted our day to Fast-Forward.

 Tanning Time
 Staring at the sun like TV 0N THE RADi0..
It's this song, but really I feel "Ambulance"..
You're  That's the one I want it to be.

Feeling Tan az HELL..
 Time to start my day..
New shorts and my old ass Marc J. sandals..
Four summers old and still a staple. 
That's good fashion.

Some day when I'm 30 and if I still have no dates & only losers that pretend to take me seriously are kreepin' around me..
And if @MDAVIS_ isn't married to Rihanna yet..

These are a few of my favorite thingsss..

K.Rose has Favorite TiNGz
"Big Dicks and Sneakers and Amazon Wishes..
Smoking Big Fat Blunts and Giving Bootz Kisses..

I just don't give a fuck,
Coz I do what I want..

These are a few of MY favorite things."

Copy that WHOREZ.

 Making granny panties look fly...
 And it's that easy..
One little thing and I'm all smiles.
The good kindz.
All dressed and ready for my day!
 Got a super dope new cell phone case from a fan. 
That's some dope ass BOObs shit rite derrrr.

Things you should know...
..if you have the ability to read backwards.

 More of my favorite things..
 I finally watched Gnomeo & Juliet. 
Spiegler was supposed to take me to see it but couldn't because me and all his other bitches were working like crazy and some dumb boy was pretending like he was gunna take me but never did.
Tron??? Really. I missed G& J for Tron??
BUT I finally got to watch it all by myself and it was good. 
 All I ever do is...

Take pictures of myself in front of my bedroom mirror. 
On set...
I wont really say for who, but lets just say they were promptly added to my No List because of all the weird and NOT FUNNY racist remarks they kept making all day...
NOT because of their "gayness".

When I have to stop in the middle of the scene to tell you that your racist remarks towards black people are making me feel uncomfortable and "not horny", 
You must know my no list is coming next??
I mean, really???
Who does that?
And when the two black dudes that were running camera both pull you aside and say thanks for speaking up..
Well, I guess I know my feelings were just. 

Bathroom Ho Down with my Gnomie..
Roof Top
Pretty much most of the time...
THE End.


  1. Un día en la vida de Kristina Rose, gracias por compartirlo, sencillamente espectacular.
    Y el dibujo en las almohadas... jajaja Genial!

  2. this blog is fresh yo. youre so true to who you are...thats probably whats coming thru in your movies too. glad i found you

  3. Ahhh i love the white slouch socks! it would be cute mixing the pink and white ones together on each side.