Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm more and more in love with your awesome work.. Ur work with Jules Jordan is the best by far!! Questions and shit lol: did u quit porn or u slowed down with the scenes? Have u ever worked with Kaylani Lei? Why do female porn stars like working with Kieran Lee? He's so fucking annoying. One more thang, thanks for not having fake boobs: )

Thanks! Jules is my favorite. I think he’s the only porn company/director/performer that has never turned into a douchebag and his product is the best! I love him.

I haven’t been doing any b/g scenes for more than 2 yrs. Only g/g and solo and I’m even slowing down on all that. Time to find a new fun job. But I still participate here and there. :P

I’ve never worked with Kaylani.

I think girls like working with Kieran because he’s hella juiced in over at Brazzers so, you know. lol. But, I recall Kieran always being cool and one of the least annoying of all male performers. :P

I don’t need fake boobs. My tits are perf. ;)

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