Saturday, November 8, 2014

Do you have a problem with people recognizing you in real life? And/or possibly wanting to take pictures with you/get autographs? Xoxo

honestly, i think i’m the only porn girl that hates being recognized. it’s always weird. unless it’s at an event. and usually the people making it known that they know you always do it in a creepy way. like one time a guy tried to follow me home from Quiznos. another time a man followed me around to all my errands and i didn’t know until my last stop at Big Lots where he made his presence known by trying to ask me out and get my real personal info and try to find out where i live. he was a white guy so naturally he creeped me out off top and i gave him no info other than just my name, he later admitted to following me and then emailed me later on my porno email to take it further. it was creepy. it’s always something like that. never a normal nice person saying discreetly that they like my work. it’s always one of those weirdo asshole fans that feels like because they jerked off to me once they can verbally abuse me in public like I’m never clocked out of ho time.

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