Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hey Beautiful, totally considering gettin snapchat an payin that $10 but I'm nervous af idk what I'll send and or say. Does it necessarily have to be nudes(reason why most people get it) or can it be funny goofy shit too

The key to you having the most enjoyable experience possible on my snapchat is….

A.) DON’T SEND ME TOO MANY SNAPS OF U JERKING OFF. Odds are no matter how much money you’ve given me I don’t love u like that so I really will stop looking at the snaps u send me if it’s all dick shots and u sticking weird household items in ur butt ALL THE TIME. Chill, bro.

B.) SEND ME FUNNY SNAPS. The guys/girls I like looking at their snaps the most are the ones that are always having fun and pranking their friends etc. It’s not all dick and “please show me ur ass” all the time.

C.) SEND ME SNAPS OF YOUR PETS. I loooooooove animals. I love pets! That is an easy in to getting any girl to fux with u.

D.) SEND ME SNAPS OF YOUR WEED. I love weed as much as animals. And especially if you’re trying to hook me up with some when I’m in your city or in L.A. You’re way more likely to get some replies from me.

E.) SEND ME SNAPS WHEN YOU’RE AT CONCERTS/EVENTS. I love when guys/girls send me snaps from concerts or like Wrestle Mania or boxing events, etc!!

That’s it. Pretty much. :P

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