Sunday, October 12, 2014

Do you have an Instagram for ur fans? If so, can a motha fucka fallow you?! :)

Nope. This girl I don’t even really know was mad beans of me for some reason so she would always flag my shit then try to say hi to me via the webz like I didn’t know her dusty old ass was flagging my shit on some bogus tip. And also this guy I never was interested in, in a romantic way got all butt hurt and started flagging all my shit too after he seen I was boning a badass. So I got deleted. lol

I have a new one but I only allow my real friends/fam to follow me.

That’s why I have Snapchat now. It’s available in the store on my site, It’s available for a one time donation of $10. I’m on there all day everyday, usually clocking in at almost 400sec/ stories everyday. Plus I send snaps to y’all and reply to your messages etc. :P

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