Friday, August 5, 2011

happy place

it's always the tiny memories that stay vivid in my mind. i like the little things.

like one of my happiest memories i always like to think about is sitting in the passenger seat of a crappy honda and being super stoned and reading a dennis hopper geocities fan page on my blackberry that i hated. it was hot outside and i wasn't driving and i was just along for the ride. i was stuffed with my first ever poquito mas shrimp burrito and i was still mad high and i was just really loving dennis hopper extra hard that day. the driver was like a funny old man only he wasn't old realllly. every once and a while he would shout out at other drivers, "COME ON GUY!" or "REALLY GUY????!" and other shit.

i like that memory and i always remember it because even tho not shit was going on, i still felt like it was one of the happiest days ever and i just want everyday to feel similar to that day.