Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My scene yesterday & why I don't follow you on twitter..

Yesterday, I shot for Naughty America. It was fun. Here's my day in pix:
On the way to set.

Yesterday I played a snotty little rich bitch, which was kinda perfect since yesterday morning I decided to act like a brat until I got laid. 

Posing because I'm a poser.

I wore the Dolce Vita wedges one of my lovely Aussie fans sent me from my Amazon Wish List. :) 

Here I am with James Deen. He was the lucky guy that got porked by Ann Marie Rios, Andy San Dimas, April Oniel & me :) James and I go waaaaay back. He was the first person I ever requested to work with. Way before he was Male Performer of the Year and way before his infamous blog. James is one of the few people in porn I actually consider a real friend. 

Here I am making faces waiting to fuck Andy San Dimas (TOP) and April Oniel (BOTTOM).

Here's a pic of my ass :) 

April Oniel AKA Txty McTxterson +Andy & I have legs. 

James Deen molesting Ann Marie Rios. She liked it. 

My toes before my shower. 

After my shower all cleaned up & ready to cuddle with Bootz

Attention Whore

Yesterday I got all caught up on my Real Housewives of Atlanta (which some of you may know is my most favorite show ever). Kim Zolciak is a weirdo, but we love her anyways. 

Just before bed. Bootz & I can't be stopped!

So yesterday I did a B/G/G/G/G scene. It was fun. It's been a while since I've done a big group scene and this one was nice. Usually when you do big group scenes there's always that problem of two or more people not really liking each other. This was not the case yesterday. Everyone had fun and got along and it was just a really good day to be in porn. 

Heeeeyyyy tweeeeettts.
SO, I get a lot of people that I don't know asking me to follow them on twitter. Some of you get hella mad that I don't. Here is why I don't: 
 I try to keep the people I follow at 187. I try to only follow people I know in real life or that are funny & entertaining on twitter. Just because you follow me is not a reason to follow you back. Do you post hot naked pictures of yourself? Do you say funny things all day long? Is your life exciting & entertaining? It's nothing personal, I just only want to follow people I know in real life because I only care to know what those people are doing. 

Now for those people that I do know in real life that ask me, "Why don't you follow me on twitter"
You most likely fall into one of  these 3 categories: 

1.) You tweet about your amazon wish list too much and I'm sick of following twitter's version of a homeless beggar. I got my homeless beggars from 7-11 on the payroll already & I'm really not trying to hear you beg for gifts all day long like a weirdo. I love you, but no. 
P.S. You'd probably get more gifts if you didn't beg so much. There's nothing attractive about desperation. 

2.) You retweet every tweet sent your way. I understand you're totally psyched that people think you're cool, and I prolly think your cool too, but who really retweets every compliment or follow friday they get??? Like, I don't get it. Boooooriiiinnng. 

3.) I DON'T LIKE YOU. Maybe I followed you at one point, maybe I never did, but odds are I don't like you. I don't want to be your friend. I don't want to be "fake friends". I don't want to know what you ate for dinner. If I don't like you, you don't exist. Also, befriending my sloppy seconds makes you look cheap. Get off my dick. 

I have had several people come up to me recently and ask me why I don't follow them on twitter. You probably fall into one of these categories. Most of you are in the 3rd category and I think you know who you are. And I know what you are. You're fake. 

XO Time to go get fucked. I'm working for Rocco Reed today! :) 


  1. Follow me plzzzzzzzzzz. (I joke) I love your humour!

  2. I really like your picts... I'm follow you in Twitter and tweetpic.. why not you view my blog... it's sexy..
    I hope visit us...

  3. Well said. Ive never asked for a follow back. I enjoy your cooky additude lol. Last night I found out bootz has a twitter account. Oops hope I did not let the cat out of the bag. :)

  4. I never have a damn interesting thing to tweet or twit about. So please never follow me. I know you will do this one wish for me and not follow me, so thank you in advance. :-)

  5. Keep this up and you'll have a great blog.

  6. Kristina, I love your tweets and dig your humor. I'd like to think that if we'd known each other in another life that we would have been good friends. Keep doing what makes you happy.