Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fuck allya'll I'm making a blog.

I've been asked over and over again to make a blog. I've seen many different people pretending to be me making "blogs" and they're horrible. They're all just a bunch of assholes trying to capitalize off my name and likeness via internet trafficking. I hate these people and if you're one of these assholes and you're reading this right now I want you to know I hope you die.


I'm sure my website people are gunna be mad irritated that I made this and didn't wait for them to put up my blog through my site [which is not even up yet], but I'm doing it anyways because I do what I want.

I've been wanting to put up a blog for a while and actually a couple months ago I started to blog for this one site, but I had to cut that off real quick because as it turns out it was some kind of "which pornstar can we get to jump higher for us" competition & I'm not about that shit. Besides not being one of those dumb girls that falls for that kind of crap I also didn't feel that the "competition" was up to par so I bailed.

Anywhoooo, I got resolutions this year and one of them is to stop being lazy. So here's an attempt. I'm planning on blogging about my life. Basically my twitter in more detail & on a grander scale. We'll see.

Plan on reading/seeing a lot of complaints, observations & pics all by me.


*image above courtesy of @lynellefurbush
Aug. 2009: Mee passed out drunk on a bag of dog food in the back of Lynelle's car on the way home from a bar we went to in DWNTWN L.A. after a tattoo convention & several angry drunken phone calls to a douche bag ex. Thank god I don't drink anymore... or date douche bags.


  1. Great news Kristina, all your fans wanted reading about you in your own blog. Wish you luck with it!
    Besos from Spain.

  2. Good shit on the new blog. And good shit on stopping drinking. I stopped too. Didn't want to deal with anymore douchebaggettes.

  3. This is great news...I find you hilarious on Twitter.

  4. I'm loving the fact that you've started a blog. I'm sure it'll be more entertaining than most. Also, hilarious that your trying to be less lazy, yet you post a pic of you sleeping....hahaha

    Anyways, looking forward to reading new updates to your blog!

  5. excellent idea .. and a better way to get in touch with your fans .. there every idiot who takes advantage of the fame of others ... Blog pictures are good .... tired and the other of pure porn .. . Behind every star is a person with feelings
    Demand effort but worth it for your fans

  6. Hi Kristina for the longest time I been tryin to get a question answered on twitter, but dont really know how the site works as well, but I wanted to know if you have a facebook?...cuz as you pointed out theres people that just imitate.

  7. Funny, I'm pretty sure i started following you on twitter the day of that tattoo convention. I believe someone RT'd a pic of you on the toilet lol

  8. WWWoooooooo Kristina Rose Blog Fuck Yeah..